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Lauren Ng

Lauren Ng, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Lauren Ng is the Co-Editor-in-Chief of West Signals and a senior at West High. This is her third year on staff. Passionate about the power of storytelling, Lauren is looking forward to collaborating with the Signals staff and sharing diverse stories with a growing audience. Aside from Signals, she is the President of CSF and Co-President of Choreo Club. Lauren also enjoys eating, cooking, reading, writing, and dreaming about food.

All content by Lauren Ng
Photo courtesy of the Morales family.

Community Connects Over Benny Morales

Lauren Ng, Co-Editor-in-Chief November 28, 2022
Excited and humbled by the title of Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Hettinger strives to “[create] a place that is both friendly and kind, but also safe.”

Teacher of the Year: Mrs. Hettinger

Lauren Ng, Co-Editor-in-Chief June 3, 2022
America has long been viewed as a hub of immigration: many around the world are allured by its reputation as the Land of the Free. Though the name appears to promise security and warmth, migrants can still face social or economic barriers.

Immigration, Identity, & America

Lauren Ng, Co-Editor-in-Chief March 31, 2022
On February 19, West High held a memorial in the Performing Arts Center for the late Conner Kurahashi, a beloved alumni of the West High community. “It was a beautiful day to honor Conner with approximately 1000 people here,” Mrs. Eriksen reflected. Roughly 400 people came to the memorial in person, while 600 attended the service virtually: “It was truly an amazing outpouring of love and support.” Photo courtesy of @westwarriorsasb Instagram.

Remembering Conner Kurahashi

Lauren Ng, Co-Editor-in-Chief March 17, 2022
Charging through a poster, West High’s Varsity football team arrives in style to the first football game of the season. On August 27th, West High welcomed hundreds of spectators and Culver City’s football team to Fred Peterson Stadium. Linebacker and receiver #22 Elias Overstreet (11) described the excitement of running out on the field: “It was like adrenaline because I knew it was game time.”

West Football Season Kicks Off with Excitement

Lauren Ng, Co-Editor-in-Chief September 14, 2021
West High’s Summer Workshops will offer five different enrichment opportunities on campus for students between mid-June and early August. Theater Director Ms. Orabuena encourages students to give her workshop a try “if you think you might want to be involved or you just want to come back to school and have fun for a couple weeks.”

West Teachers Offer Free Summer Workshops

Lauren Ng, Co-Editor-in-Chief May 25, 2021
Competing in South Bay Championships, Varsity Cross Country runner Megan Gonzalez (12) keeps the pace quick in the 3200m race at West on Saturday, May 15. Gonzalez has been a member of the cross country team for all four years and has consistently won in her events, breaking PR (personal record) after PR. She expressed how running “has shown me that hard work really pays off, and through it I have made friendships that will last a lifetime. It’s made my high school career immensely better and I couldn’t imagine high school without it.”

Senior Spotlight: Megan Gonzalez

Lauren Ng, Co-Editor-in-Chief May 25, 2021
The seemingly endless line of shelves in West High’s library are filled with books of all different shapes, sizes, and genres. As the West High librarian, Mrs. Puccio’s passion for reading is shown through the multitude of books she provides for students. Photo courtesy of Mrs. Puccio.

Unsung Heroes of West: Mrs. Puccio

Lauren Ng, Co-Editor-in-Chief May 4, 2021
Right after her 16th birthday, Paityn Yamasaki (10) made it a priority to get vaccinated. She explained how getting a vaccine is a simple procedure: “It’s a very easy process and can go by quickly depending on how busy they are. Make sure to bring your school ID and birth certificate so they can identify you.”

Why Students Should Get the COVID-19 Vaccine

Lauren Ng, Co-Editor-in-Chief April 25, 2021
Students returned to West High’s campus for the first time in months as COVID restrictions were loosened in Los Angeles County. Hallways decorated with posters and signs remind students to wear a mask and socially-distance. Blended student Gaby Nieraeth (10) notes how “staircases only go one direction...when walking around campus, some pathways point a certain way, so I had to find alternate paths to get to my classes.”

A Day in the Life of a Blended Student

Lauren Ng, Co-Editor-in-Chief April 2, 2021
Mrs. Rippeto has been a secretary at West High for 23 years, working behind the scenes to ensure school matters run smoothly and to support West families. Mrs. Rippeto said the best part of the job is when parents “call me back or send me an email just to tell me how helpful Ive been, and to thank me and show me their appreciation. Those are the kinds of things that make the day worthwhile.

Unsung Heroes of West: Mrs. Rippeto

Lauren Ng, Co-Editor-in-Chief March 15, 2021
Reaching for a book in the textbook room, Mrs. Tehrani flashes a quick smile under her mask. You don’t have to see her warm grin to feel her radiant energy. West High is lucky to have such a spirited presence: “I like working in the school because I like the kids. The kids are fun, they’re funny!... I love what I do.”

Unsung Heroes of West: Mrs. Tehrani

Lauren Ng, Co-Editor-in-Chief February 17, 2021
The fried chicken sandwich wars heat up as contenders release new sandwiches on their menus. From left to right: Chick-Fil-A®️ Deluxe Sandwich, Popeyes Chicken Sandwich, Jack in the Box’s Cluck Sandwich, McDonald’s Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Sandwich.

Food Fight: The Fried Chicken Sandwich

Lauren Ng, Co-Editor-in-Chief February 7, 2021
Ms. Kahlon was one of West High’s first teachers to provide on-campus education for students this school year. Despite the modified learning environment, she observed that it has “helped a lot of kids. I see that students grades have improved.”

Unsung Heroes of West: Ms. Kahlon

Lauren Ng, Co-Editor-in-Chief January 26, 2021
It’s time to write your New Year’s Resolutions for 2021. Faith Shortridge (12), a West High student who makes resolutions every year, recommends to “keep growing every day and try your best” with yearly goals. With the help of psychological tips, you will be able to not only create realistic resolutions, but maintain them as well.

New Year’s Resolutions and the Science Behind Them

Lauren Ng, Co-Editor-in-Chief January 14, 2021
Skye Zeledon (12) demonstrates the plank position for the WHS Dance Department’s annual plank challenge. Zeledon and fellow Advanced Dance member Stephanie Bernal (12) planked for an astounding 42 minutes. Zeledon shared,“Knowing that Steph and I worked hard to create a record that is going to be in [the Dance Department] for a while makes me really happy.” Photo courtesy of Skye Zeledon (12).

Plank Power

Lauren Ng, Co-Editor-in-Chief December 29, 2020
Kayla Luis (12), West High Varsity Football’s backup kicker, sports her jersey as she poses in front of West High’s Fred Petersen Football Stadium. She voiced one of the inspiring lessons playing football has taught her: “I believe there will be challenges in anything you do, but if you arent willing to overcome them it will stop you from achieving what you really want. Being the only girl on the team, I struggle to keep up with the guys, but it allows [me] to push beyond my limits and get better.”

Trailblazing Women of 2020

Lauren Ng, Co-Editor-in-Chief December 20, 2020
As the days of online learning play on repeat, students such as Eva Reyes (10) wonder when in-person school will return. She expressed, “online [school] is getting tiring as it’s hard to sit and look at a computer for a long time and learning feels the same for every class.”

When Will We Go Back to School?

Lauren Ng, Co-Editor-in-Chief November 17, 2020
Volunteers can donate cans and boxes for the weekly bags of food distributed by the Volunteer Center’s Food For Kids program. Ms. Myers, President and CEO of the Volunteer Center, emphasized that “we encourage people to think about how many people had normal lives... and then COVID hit, and they may have lost their jobs.”

How to Spread Kindness

Lauren Ng, Co-Editor-in-Chief November 17, 2020

A 32-Year Awaited Victory

Lauren Ng, Co-Editor-in-Chief November 8, 2020
The virtual school year has its ups and downs, but many people choose to cherish the bright side of things, as they finally have the time to do things like simply sitting down and enjoying breakfast with their family before work or school.

Breakfast Pandemic-Style

Lauren Ng, Co-Editor-in-Chief November 3, 2020
Customers enjoy dinner at HopSaint Brewing Company’s socially-distanced outdoor patio.

Local Restaurants Amid the Pandemic

Lauren Ng, Co-Editor-in-Chief October 21, 2020
Like other athletes, Varsity Girls Tennis Captain Ashelyn Tablan (12) is glad to be back at practice, working hard and following COVID guidelines.

The Return of Athletics to West High

Lauren Ng, Co-Editor-in-Chief October 21, 2020
Mr. Eddy in his office at West High.

Mr. Eddy: West High’s New Assistant Principal

Lauren Ng, Co-Editor-in-Chief October 14, 2020
Parents could tune in to a live meeting or watch a pre-made video, such as this video recorded by English and AP Language teacher Mrs. Cunningham.

Back-to-School Night: Adapting to Change

Lauren Ng, Co-Editor-in-Chief October 4, 2020
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