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The School Newspaper of West High School

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The School Newspaper of West High School

West Signals

The National Honor Society provides help in many AP exams. Tutors were assigned to one subject to improve their tutees experience, providing advice based on previous experience in each class. “I recommend coming to these AP cram sessions because you can receive help from students who have previously and recently taken the test,” NHS board member Katie Ho (12) explained.

Time to Cram!

Katelyn Baba, Staff Writer May 9, 2024

   Nervous about upcoming AP exams? Well, look no further than West High’s very own AP Cram Sessions! Hosted by the National Honor Society (NHS), these study sessions provide all of the necessary help for upcoming test-takers to score well on their...

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If you’re interested in supporting local restaurants, check out Marugame Udon! Open seven days a week from 11 A.M. to 9 P.M., the restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor seating, as well as counter and kiosk ordering to keep the lines moving.

Marugame: Torrance’s New Local Udon Spot

Alexandra Arnold, Staff Writer April 26, 2024

If you’re looking for a new local restaurant to try, you’re in luck. Recently opened in the Village Del Amo, Marugame Udon is a Japanese cuisine restaurant that serves udon bowls, tempura, rice bowls, and an assortment of beverages. It was the first...

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Like many standardized tests with strict rules and guidelines, there are some areas that people would like to see changed amid the gradual shift from physical to digital testing. Megan Charan (12) commented, “I would want to put most of them online because. . . it’s easier, and your hand does not get tired.” On the flip side, Naomi Yoshikawa (12), felt the opposite, saying, “I think that everything, all the English exams, should be handwritten instead of digital.” 
Photo by Unseen Studio on Unsplash

An Accurate Judge of Knowledge, or Just Another Standardized Test?

Alexandra Arnold, Staff Writer April 19, 2024

   Several hours of running on adrenaline and high strung nerves. Sweaty palms and bitten nails. A clock ticking down that draws your eye no matter how hard you try to look away. Depending on personal opinion, an AP test is either your worst nightmare...

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To get votes for the upcoming election, many candidates have to advertise themselves to their peers. Candidates made their posters in an unique way so that their poster stands out from the rest.

Get Your Voice Heard in the Student Elections!

Katelyn Baba, Staff Writer April 19, 2024

Amidst all the elections happening in the nation, West High had its own for the upcoming school year’s Associated Student Body (ASB). On Thursday, Apr. 11, Warriors voted for students they considered the most qualified for several positions in ASB....

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In a surprising move to many, West Capitaneus, the school yearbook publication, will be discontinuing the popular, longstanding tradition of senior quotes. Citing logistical concerns, the West High administration has maintained this restriction, prompting petition by nearly a quarter of the student body.

Say Goodbye to Senior Quotes

Cyrilla Zhang, Editor-in-Chief March 21, 2024

Think of all the Sharpie messages scrawled across the walls of high school bathroom stalls. The drawings on desks — notes to whoever comes next, warning them of a surprise quiz or saying hello. The initials etched into the concrete under a stairwell...

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Thursday, Oct. 5’s theme was Mathletes or Athletes, where students choose to dress up as one of the two subjects. Students in Mr. Collin’s AP Biology class sported their unique choices of attire. From left to right: Leah Ho (11), Gabriel White (11), and Mackenzie Ashford (11).

Get Ready for Some School Spirit!

Joshua Lee, Staff Writer March 21, 2024

    During West High’s spirit weeks, ASB plans exciting themes that allow students to wear unique attire and bring props to school. From Monday, Oct. 2 to Friday, Oct. 6, students participated in the first spirit week of the 23-24 school year. Themes...

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No Need to Panic Panic, its Just the Senior Panoramic

No Need to Panic Panic, it’s Just the Senior Panoramic

Christian Robledo, Staff Writer March 20, 2024

  For most at West, school could not be going by any slower. But, for the class of 2024, it seems to be the beginning of the end. On Oct. 11,  seniors gathered for their yearbook panoramic photo.  While this task may seem dismal and uninteresting...

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A nurse takes the blood of volunteer Aeonn Rubi (12). Both sweet and brave, theyre heroes. Thanks to those who donated and those who volunteered. You’re truly making a difference.

Saving Lives One Needle At a Time

Christian Robledo, Staff Writer March 12, 2024

   Donors save lives. It might be hard to believe, but even some West High students have already become donors by giving their blood at our annual blood drive. Whether for personal reasons or out of altruism, many people elected to have their blood...

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Support from College and Career Counselor Mr. Garcia is available to all West students either by appointment through Schoology or by walk-in from 8 A.M. to 4 P.M. in room 7107. Additionally, support from the four A-Z counselors is available through appointment on Schoology or walk-in, in the administration building.

Onwards We March: West High’s College and Career Day

Alexandra Arnold, Staff Writer March 12, 2024

  With the majority of college admissions decisions due to be released this March, a heavy cloud of anxiety surrounds many seniors at West. Even for non-seniors, questions surrounding future careers can be overwhelming. Luckily, College and Career Day...

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The leaders of the West High Entertainment unit huddle together before the performance.

Band Season Concludes as WHEU Makes It To Championships

Jackson Mancilla, Staff Writer March 8, 2024

It feels like it was just yesterday that band students were stepping onto the field for the first time of the season, with little knowledge of how to march or how to play the musical arrangements. Five months went by in a flash since the sweltering hot...

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The manleaders work together to lift several of their teammates into the air during the halftime show of the Powderpuff game. In spite of their short training period of mere weeks, the manleaders did not fail to deliver on their promise of an entertaining and impressive performance that kept the crowd invigorated.

Flying High at Powderpuff

Alexandra Arnold, Staff Writer March 8, 2024

   Doubtlessly, the Powderpuff game was an event eagerly anticipated by many West students as the highlight of this year’s winter rally. Featuring solely seniors, the Powderpuff players were split into two teams: the Pink Pancakes and the Maroon...

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Christmas trees sold by the West High Entertainment Unit ranged from four to eight feet tall and were typically in the price range of $65 to $120.

WHEU Hosts Annual Christmas Tree Lot

Alexandra Arnold, Staff Writer January 11, 2024

   With the holidays fast approaching, a key part of many families’ celebrations involves a Christmas tree. Although there are several places selling them, such as Home Depot or other local tree lots, one of them was in West’s very own backyard,...

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