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West Signals

The School Newspaper of West High School

West Signals

The School Newspaper of West High School

West Signals

On Friday, May 20, West High hosted its first West High Car Show in the student parking lot after the dismissal bell rang. With music blasting and students chattering, the car show was about to begin!

Car Culture at West High

June 9, 2022

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West High’s Giving Day was a total success. Twenty-seven thousand dollars were fundraised all thanks to everyone who donated and participated. “It’s a blessing to be at this school and it’s nice to know we are so well supported by the community,” Coach Butler expressed.

West High’s Giving Day

Luciana Gonzalez, Staff Writer May 27, 2022

   What better way to start May than with Warrior Pride? On May 4 and 5, West High had a goal of fundraising “24k in 24 hours” to renovate the weight room. This campaign was initiated by the athletic director Coach Druten. Flyers, pictures, and...

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Therapy dogs are on campus during AP testing week to encourage students and improve their mental health. In light of mental health awareness month, the presence of these dogs reminded students and staff of the importance of mental health and became a beacon of light during stressful times. As Ms. Sophie Meagher of The Alliance of Therapy Dogs said, its easy to see peoples face light up when they see [the dogs].

Therapy Dogs on Campus!

Sarah Han, Staff Writer May 18, 2022

   The first two weeks of May are incredibly stressful for many high school students. During AP testing week, students study for days on end, file into a silent library, and spill everything they’ve learned onto a piece of paper. Then, they come...

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WHS Dance runs through their perfected performances after adapting to last minute changes. Despite the added difficulty, choreographer Ray Pham (11) expressed, “Everyone has been trying their best to overcome these challenges and it’s been amazing to see the team work harder than ever!” The dancers successfully persevered through all of their troubles, bringing another spectacular show to the West High Performing Arts Center.

How WHS Dance “Continued to Thrive” Through May Show

Elise Fauni, Staff Writer May 16, 2022

   On May 5-7 in the West High Performing Arts Center, the WHS Dance Department presented another breathtaking May Show. However, for the dancers, the show’s theme “Continue to Thrive” ironically reflected the obstacles of the show’s preparations.     With...

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Students line up in front of the library at 12:30 p.m. on May 3 for their AP Psychology exam. They awaited check-in with their ID, #2 pencils, and black or blue pens ready! Photo by Kate Phan.

How West High Studied For Their AP Exams

Kate Phan, Staff Writer May 12, 2022

   ‘Tis the season for College Board’s Advanced Placement (AP) exams; not exactly as jolly as seasons tend to be. From May 2 to May 13, students went through the dreaded “AP Weeks.” After over nine months of active learning, West High’s AP...

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As teacher appreciation week is underway, students are seen showing their love and appreciation for all teachers. With everyone back in school this year, we are able to show how much we really appreciate our teachers by giving gifts, cards, signs, etc. Student Gaby Nieraeth (11) shared her thoughts on the amount of appreciation teachers get, explaining, “I think teachers definitely do not get enough credit for everything they do.”

We Love Our Teachers!

Luciana Gonzalez, Staff Writer May 9, 2022

  Teachers are often overlooked or taken for granted. To make sure these hardworking and beloved individuals are recognized for their positive impact on campus, West High hosted Teacher Appreciation Week from April 25 through 29.        West...

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West High’s Tutorial Club and National Honors Society partner to make tutoring more accessible to students. Ms. Kim shared, “Seeing tutoring in action is such a treat because the students genuinely want to learn and the tutors truly want to help their peers.” Tutoring is open to all students during lunch and after school at the library.

Tutoring with Tutorial Club and National Honor Society

Sarah Han, Staff Writer May 5, 2022

   Community should be a group of people who support and help each other in times of need. Luckily, West High’s community is always willing to step up to that challenge. In the coming weeks, National Honor Society (NHS) will be partnering with Tutorial...

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Chris Matsuoka (11), a candidate for Secretary of Athletics, is hanging up posters for his campaign. As an athlete himself in baseball, Matsuoka hoped to “get as much hype as possible for our student section and to represent all of our athletes,” if he was elected.

Candidates’ Campaigns For ASB

Kate Phan, Staff Writer May 3, 2022

  Behind all of the rallies, dances, and fun events at school is West High’s Associated Student Body (ASB), who work hard all year long to make the school year worthwhile! Recently, ASB ran their annual elections to determine who'll be in charge of...

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With West High Prom less than a month away, ASB members work on preparing the Top 4 baskets for the nominated King, the Queen, the Prince, and the Princess! Apart from their baskets, they also handmade the centerpieces to increase the liveliness of the venue through a glamorous ambience.

Upperclassmen Anticipate Prom 2022

Kate Phan, Staff Writer April 30, 2022

   On May 14, in the luscious green of the Los Angeles River Center and Gardens, the upperclassmen of West High will attend this year’s Masquerade themed prom, hopefully complete with bedazzled masks covering the upper portion of attendees’ faces...

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People with Autistic Spectrum Disorder have been discriminated against for as long as it has been a diagnosable condition, and the challenges that they face today often still create a hostile environment for them socially and politically. The definition of Autism Awareness has changed over time, and now it is imperative that their existence is validated in a way that describes ASD as not a curable condition, but a part of who they are. Autistic individuals oftentimes don’t connect with other people the same way that neurotypical people do, even as children. Parallel play is a type of socialization where kids show interest in another’s activity, but do not actively engage in the activity with the other child. There have been many studies that show that children who have ASD are more likely to engage in parallel play with other kids than in other types of play.

In April We Wear Blue!

Luciana Gonzalez, Staff Writer April 26, 2022

  Wear blue, be inclusive, and spread kindness. April is National Autism Acceptance Month. Although it was previously known as Autism “Awareness” Month, the Autism Society officially announced a terminology change in 2021 from “awareness” to...

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The Enviro Club is showing how yard sales can be used to help the environment! It can be very green to resell items instead of buying from bigger industries because it reduces waste. Reselling items also reduces carbon emissions from large transportation vessels.

Sustainable Shopping: Enviro Club’s Yard Sales

Elise Fauni, Staff Writer April 22, 2022

   Fashion has always been a huge part of cultures worldwide. With trends being phased out as quickly as they came, there’s always a worldwide desire to buy new clothes. However, clothing production carries a long list of environmentally harmful...

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On March 25, the gym was transformed into a new world as glowing, fluorescent colors filled the otherwise dark room. Freshman ASB President Angelina Quiroz (9)  remarked, “Promoting class spirit is basically our whole job as ASB, so having a Glow Rally with so many bright colors, decorations, paint, grade competitions, and more surprises would really help with that!” Art/Photo courtesy of Ayane Kawanishi (12).

West High Glows Brightly in the Spring Sports Rally

Elise Fauni, Staff Writer April 13, 2022

   On Friday, March 25, students of West High filled the gym with fluorescent colors. With Freshmen dressed in neon green and yellow, Sophomores in neon orange, Juniors in neon pink, and Seniors in white and neon blue, the audience glowed under blacklights...

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