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Several people gathered in local Black Lives Matter protests, including in Torrance. As Black Cultural Club’s ICC Rep. Isabella Pellicciari Torres (11) put it, “it’s been a learning experience and has made everyone more aware of the struggles and aggressions that many endure every day.”
Black Lives Matter Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize
Shrutika Ezhil, Staff Writer • February 17, 2021

   The summer of 2020 was swept with Black Lives Matter protests, posts, and discussions. A year later, Peter Eide, a member of the Norwegian Parliament, nominated the...

39 human trafficking victims were rescued this month, 13 juveniles included. “Operation Reclaim and Rebuild” was a combined effort between local and federal agencies which led to 145 arrests. “It’s scary to think that these things happen in our area. I think it’s a good thing that LA is investing more money into the efforts to prevent trafficking from happening,” shared Zoe Jackson Delos Angeles (12).
Human Trafficking in LA
February 9, 2021
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Herd immunity prevents cases of a virus from spreading among individuals because if there is a high enough number of immunized individuals, the chances of a carrier of a disease coming into contact with someone susceptible to the disease decreases dramatically.
The Importance of Vaccination
Westley Kim, Staff Writer • January 18, 2021

   A child is sitting down inside a doctor’s office. The doctor holds  a syringe filled with something — the child doesn’t quite know what. Scared of the needle,...

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The Let Them Play Coalition is fighting for California sports to reopen with appropriate COVID protocols for the sake of student-athletes’ mental health.
The Let Them Play Movement
Sullivan Kolakowski, Staff Photographer • February 17, 2021

   At the start of the school year, student-athletes in California were told they would get to play in January. Then February. Now it’s become March for some sports....

Kayla Luis (12), West High Varsity Football’s backup kicker, sports her jersey as she poses in front of West High’s Fred Petersen Football Stadium. She voiced one of the inspiring lessons playing football has taught her: “I believe there will be challenges in anything you do, but if you aren
Trailblazing Women of 2020
December 20, 2020
The Los Angeles Dodgers swarm the field on Tuesday, October 27, following pitcher Julio Urías’s final strikeout of the ninth inning. Overjoyed, the Dodgers celebrate their hard-earned win as Game 6 of the World Series comes to a close.
A 32-Year Awaited Victory
November 8, 2020
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