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The School Newspaper of West High School

West Signals

The School Newspaper of West High School

West Signals

The Top 15 of the homecoming court and the theme of the dance being announced just a few weeks before it will take place.

Building Hype for the Homecoming Dance

Dominic Herrera, Staff Writer October 15, 2021

   Not only were the plans and decorations being built for this year's 2021 Homecoming dance, but the excitement was too.    Excitement for this year's dance was at an all-time high as due to the COVID-19 pandemic, last year's Homecoming dance...

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Varsity Football takes a knee minutes before the game, receiving words of encouragement from their coach. “Youll be fifteen years down the line and youll remember that one Homecoming game … when you have kids you will be able to tell them how it was for you,” Varsity player Juan Garcia (12) joyfully said.

Last Homecoming Game for the Class of 2022

Luciana Duke, Staff Writer October 13, 2021

   Loud chants, colorful banners, and excited students: the West High community gathered at Fred Peterson Stadium on Friday, October 1st, 2021 for the Homecoming football game. It was definitely a night for the books, especially for Seniors, since it...

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​​Bringing the club back to West High after a one-year hiatus, GSA/SAGE board members promise a safe, judgement-free space for LGBTQ students in school. ICC Representative Rachel Pham (11) encourages LGBTQ students of West High to join: “SAGE creates an environment for those who need to connect with people that are in similar situations. Fellow LGBTQIA+ students can help each other out by joining!” Photo courtesy of Bethany Shim (11).

Creating LGBTQ Safe Spaces in Schools

Elise Fauni, Staff Writer October 13, 2021

   Every first and third Friday of the month, dozens of students fill Room 3204 of West High to the brim, coming together as GSA/SAGE (Gay-Straight Alliance/Sexuality and Gender Equality). Though categorized as a “special interest club,” GSA/SAGE...

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Handing out fliers, shouting out to students, and holding up signs, TCAA and VSA use their opportunity at Club Rush to attract new members. Now that students are back in person, clubs like these can finally resume activities as usual. Photo courtesy of Jennifer Wang (11) and Vanessa Le (12).

Club Spotlight: Taiwanese Chinese American Association and Vietnamese Student Association

Cyrilla Zhang, Staff Writer October 8, 2021

   Interested in learning more about East Asian cultures? Look no further – here are two clubs that you might want to join during the 2021-2022 school year.    The Taiwanese Chinese American Association is a club dedicated to appreciating and...

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Sports everywhere have felt the hit of the pandemic. In the larger wrestling world, masking and protection are required as shown. Until the pandemic is over, this will be the norm. Photo courtesy of Sean Simmers on

COVID and Wrestling

Sophia Yoshimura, Staff Writer October 8, 2021

   The sports world is one full of sweat, energy, and contact. Even fans watching break out at the thought of their favorite teams losing! This competitive world thrives off the passion for these fun activities. Most sports require physical contact,...

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West High’s Friendship Club is back on campus with a ton of new in-person events! After almost two years of missing out on activities due to the pandemic, West High Chapter co-president Faith Iwanaka (11) is “super excited to get going again this year.”

Making Connections With Friendship Club

Alexssa Takeda, News Editor October 6, 2021

   During the almost two years of quarantine, many of students’ social interactions had been limited to impersonal Zoom meetings and the occasional socially-distanced outing with friends. For some, maintaining friendships and establishing new bonds...

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COVID-19 vaccines have been a controversial topic among many school districts. TUSD has taken steps to track down student vaccine records without mandating that students must be fully vaccinated, and contact tracing has been strictly enforced to make sure that the COVID-19 virus does not shut down TUSD schools again. TUSD has required mask-wearing in all indoor settings and social distancing, which has helped tremendously with COVID-19 cases in TUSD schools. Students and parents anxiously anticipate the day when schools will return to normal; but whether we take that first step of vaccinating all students is for TUSD to decide.

Implementing COVID-19 Mandates Could Truncate the Pandemic

Anika Agarwal, Staff Writer, Staff Photographer October 1, 2021

   Masks up, sanitizers packed, three feet apart: the drill for the 2021-2022 school year. Schools throughout the country have reopened, despite the global pandemic, out of necessity for schooling.    The distribution of vaccinations to students...

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Science teachers’ expensive supplies typically get replaced periodically. However, because of COVID-19, many materials bought for the 2020 school year have expired, leading some science teachers to find another way to fund their classes.

Test Tubes and Mushrooms: Science Labs at West

Sarah Han, Staff Writer September 15, 2021

   Good labs are a crucial part of any science class. Over the last two school years, however, science students at West have not been able to properly participate in labs. Instead of getting their hands wet and putting lab coats on, students and teachers...

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Charging through a poster, West High’s Varsity football team arrives in style to the first football game of the season. On August 27th, West High welcomed hundreds of spectators and Culver City’s football team to Fred Peterson Stadium. Linebacker and receiver #22 Elias Overstreet (11) described the excitement of running out on the field: “It was like adrenaline because I knew it was game time.”

West Football Season Kicks Off with Excitement

Lauren Ng, Sports & Opinion Editor September 14, 2021

   The Friday Night Lights are back. On August 27th, West High’s football season commenced as Varsity players stormed the field of Fred Peterson Stadium to the cheers of a roaring crowd. While the game ended with a 0-31 loss to the Culver City Centaurs,...

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Fiercely spiking the volleyball, opposite Abby Witzansky (11) gives Vistamar’s Girls’ Volleyball team a run for their money. Witzansky is a worthy opponent this volleyball season with 160 kills in 10 games. She said the best part about volleyball is “how fast the game is,” and that she loves “competition and winning.”

Athlete of the Week: Abby Witzansky

Kate Phan, Staff Writer September 14, 2021

   Abby Witzansky (11) is a left handed, 6’0” tall, right-side hitter on West High’s Girls' Varsity Volleyball team. She’s had 160 kills (points gained by attacking hits) so far this season and won’t stop anytime soon. Although Witzansky has...

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For the West High Girls’ Tennis Team, First Serve was an event filled to the brim with suspenseful games. During their first set, Sarah Han (11) and Jasmin Cuaresma (11) played to a tiebreaker against Rosemead. “It was super stressful, but we were still proud of ourselves since we put up a fight,” Cuaresma said.

West High Girls’ Tennis Team Victorious at First Serve

Elise Fauni, Staff Writer September 14, 2021

   After several challenging games, the West High Girls’ Tennis team pushed their way to victory at the First Serve Tournament on Saturday, September 4th.    This year marked the 20th First Serve event hosted by West High. Several schools from...

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West High students made their way to their classrooms on the first day of school. Recalling the exhilaration, Isis Kim (10) said, “I was so excited to meet my friends I haven’t seen in a year!”

The Return to In-Person School

Elise Fauni, Staff Writer September 4, 2021

   On the morning of August 26, students smiled behind their masks as they reunited with school friends, eager to make their way back to the classroom. As students returned to the hustle and bustle of school hallways, laptop screens and daily Zoom meetings...

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