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The School Newspaper of West High School

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The School Newspaper of West High School

West Signals

In the tough game against the Torrance Tartars, Skyler Schultz (12) looks out to her teammates and is ready to work to obtain the lead and prevent the Tartars from scoring. Photo Courtesy of Skyler Schultz.

Senior Spotlight: Skyler Schultz

Ilma Patel, Staff Writer March 13, 2023

   On Senior Night, Skyler Schultz (number 18 on the field)  scored the only winning goal against the tough El Segundo Eagles. Despite starting the game off 0-0 in the first half and most of the second half, Schultz stepped up her game and brought...

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Varsity Water Polo player and California Scholarship Federation (CSF) tech coordinator Mia Yuguchi (12) is enjoying her final months as a West High student.

Mia Yuguchi on Lessons Learned

Jacob Usary, Staff Writer March 3, 2023

   With the end of another school year approaching faster than we realize, and a fresh group of wide-eyed eighth graders getting ever closer to their first day of high school, it is helpful to consult the wisdom of a senior, particularly one who is...

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Student couple Jason Huffstutter (12) and Claire Perry (12) have been together for nearly two years. Photo courtesy of Jason Huffstutter.

Spotlight: Student Sweethearts at West

Natalie Ou, Staff Writer March 2, 2023

   The season of love isn’t limited to the month of February – all year long, student life is dotted with couple ship names and the occasional relationship drama. But for longtime couples, the seasonal sentiment is year-round.     West High...

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Mr. and Mrs. Druten (left), and Mr. and Mrs. Hettinger (right). As Mr. and Mrs. Hettinger celebrate their 25th anniversary this year, Mr. and Mrs. Druten begin their 16th year together. Both couples met here on campus and demonstrated success ever since. As department chairs of their respective fields, the Hettingers always bring positivity to the classroom — while the Drutens work together to support every student on campus, from athletics to counseling. Photo by Sidney Hinks (12).

The Hettingers and Drutens on Relationships and Working at West High

Lauren Ng, Co-Editor-in-Chief March 1, 2023

   Have you ever looked at previous West High yearbooks? Scan closely (hint: 2014 and 2016) to find two sets of couple-coordinated yearbook portraits –– one of several small perks held only by the Hettingers and Drutens, West High’s resident...

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The West Esports team remained undefeated throughout their fall season and took home the California State Championship title. Photo courtesy of Ms. Daisy Kim.

West High Esports Team Wins State Championship After Undefeated Season

Hridhya Sukumaran, Staff Writer February 23, 2023

   With an undefeated streak and state championship victory, West High’s Esports team has made a huge splash this fall season. With Esports now a recognized high school sport complete with a CIF championship, West Esports competed fiercely to earn...

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Aaron Cohen (12) is always striving to improve and hone his running skills. When discussing running against the competition, he said, “I’ve always wanted to win. That’s just been my thing.”

From P.E. Student to Cross Country Star: Aaron Cohen

Anthony Parker, Staff Writer December 2, 2022

   A general consensus among West’s Cross Country community is that Aaron Cohen (12) brings out the team’s full potential by motivating others to be the best runners they can be. Cohen is known among peers and coaches to be an extremely hardworking...

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During a Thursday lunch break, members of the Sports Medicine Club participate in the first club meeting of the school year on Oct. 6, 2022. The Sports Medicine club had a huge success with their first meeting, making it a fun and competitive environment for members with a creative relay game. Club member Thijs Erhahon (10) described the meeting: “I really enjoyed how well they were able to allow everyone to interact, unlike the boring sit-down meetings other clubs have.”

Sports Medicine Club

Jacob Usary, Staff Writer December 1, 2022

   Are you an athlete? Have you ever gotten a small injury and wish you had the knowledge to take care of it yourself, or, at the very least, not make it worse? If so, West High’s new Sports Medicine club is the place for you.    Co-President...

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Amongst the influx of first year clubs at West High this year, the Dead Poets Society opens a space for all enthusiastic writers, readers, and those passionate about sharing and exploring the world of poetry. Consider stopping by for lunch meetings in room 4203 every second Friday of the month!

Bringing Poetry to Life With Dead Poets Society Club

Ilma Patel, Staff Writer November 22, 2022

   As a part of their English class, every student has had the opportunity to explore the world of poetry. From Shakespeare to Poe, the skillfully crafted pieces encapsulate readers and tug on heartstrings. But after the unit ends, it's back to novels...

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During Club Rush, Ukrainian Russian Club representatives hope to assist and provide information for both potential members and casual passersby alike. Remarking on one of the most pressing reasons for founding the URC, President Leah Ho (12) explained the growing imperative “to engage the local community to assist Ukrainian refugees coming to the U.S. every day.” From left to right: Skye Nuesca (10), ICC Representative Sophie Gelinas (10), Julia Huffstutter (10), board member Morgan Tan (10), President Leah Ho (10), Kai Nakajima (10), and Ivy Choi (10). Photo courtesy of Sophie Gelinas (10).

Culture Knows No Boundaries: Meet the Ukrainian Russian Club

Philip Lam, Staff Writer November 22, 2022

   Here to make its debut in an expanding catalog of clubs this school year, the Ukrainian Russian Club (URC) is a new cultural club that is open to any and all potential prospects hoping to enrich themselves through the culture, cuisine, and language...

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On Friday, Sept. 23, Drum Major Riyana Roy (12) and Assistant Drum Major Yumiko Kasai (11) led the West High Entertainment Unit in a home football game against Redondo Union High School.

Major Responsibilities in West High’s Band

Jacob Usary, Staff Writer November 18, 2022

   West High’s band offers students the opportunity to experience being leaders in their own class. This opportunity comes in the form of the positions of Drum Major and Assistant Drum Major.     Drum Majors conduct the band, set tempos, and...

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Cheerleading captain Eva Reyes (12) grins as she lifts her Superior award for the United Spirit Association competition. Despite the hardships that come with her leadership role, Reyes still finds passion and joy in cheerleading, even with the challenges that come with it: “I love it as a whole and everything that comes with it, even the conditioning — I don’t mind it because it’s doing what I love,” she explained. 
Photo courtesy of Eva Reyes (12).

Leading Solo: Cheering on Eva Reyes

Natalie Ou, Staff Writer November 18, 2022

   Senior year is a coveted time that many students across West High eagerly look forward to. From grabbing the best seats at class competitions to extravagant prom dances, senior year is a breath of fresh air for many.     However, senior year...

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Throughout her time at West, ASB President Allison Tsai (12) has learned how to help others as well as how to set goals for herself: “I’ve learned so much about being there for those around me. West is a community of what I think are really close people, and it’s been so welcoming. I think it has taught me to step out of my shell and has given me ways to improve myself.” Art/Photo courtesy of Allison Tsai.

Allison Tsai on Hard Work and Giving Back

Natalie Ou, Staff Writer November 18, 2022

   For hundreds of seniors across campus at West, their last year of high school is filled with both bittersweet memories and nostalgic emotions. It’s a time for both laughing at embarrassing moments as a freshman and fondly looking back on achievements....

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