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The School Newspaper of West High School

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The School Newspaper of West High School

West Signals

The cover of this year’s Yearbook, titled “There’s Something You Should Know,” was portrayed in bold colors and eye-catching designs that intrigued students to open up the book and read the well-written pages filled with memories of the students at West High. Jason Irie (11), a student who bought a Yearbook, acknowledged how “I thought the Yearbook was really appealing and well designed. Each section was nice and well-written, and I enjoyed looking at it.”

There’s Something You Should Know… About This Year’s Yearbook!

Rebecca Yan, Social Media/Business Editor June 10, 2021

   Last week, the 58th volume of West High’s annual Yearbook was passed out for all students to read. 300 pages were filled with eye-catching designs and unique pieces of writing that showcased the spirit and pride of West. And yet the question is,...

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Aaliyah Martinez (10) engages younger Girl Scouts in her Gold Award project by explaining what mammograms are and how they relate to breast cancer. Martinez’s aim was to bring comfort and support to women called back for a second mammogram. Photo courtesy of Aaliyah Martinez (10).

Planting Hope, One Bracelet at a Time

Ashley Kim, Editor June 8, 2021

   The arrival of a single letter in the mail can be enough to spell uncertainty and anxiety. For women called back for a second mammogram, fears about the threat of breast cancer can be overwhelming: written into the lines of a summary report is the...

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Because of the pandemic, Vietnamese Association Club had to hold their meetings over Zoom. Even so, many of the members were able to gain memorable experiences, as well as the VSA board members. Victoriana Le (12) said that she “enjoyed being able to meet other people through our events.”

Spreading Vietnamese Culture All Through West High

Rebecca Yan, Social Media/Business Editor June 5, 2021

   Pho, Vietnamese coffee, and straw hats. That may be what you think of when you hear of Vietnamese culture. But Vietnamese Student Alliance (VSA) is showing that there is more to their culture than what meets the eye.    Started in early February...

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Competing in South Bay Championships, Varsity Cross Country runner Megan Gonzalez (12) keeps the pace quick in the 3200m race at West on Saturday, May 15. Gonzalez has been a member of the cross country team for all four years and has consistently won in her events, breaking PR (personal record) after PR. She expressed how running “has shown me that hard work really pays off, and through it I have made friendships that will last a lifetime. It’s made my high school career immensely better and I couldn’t imagine high school without it.”

Senior Spotlight: Megan Gonzalez

Lauren Ng, Staff Writer May 25, 2021

   Broken the school record for the fastest 3-mile run? Volunteered with CSF? On track to attend university? Check, check, and check. With just a couple of weeks at West High left, Megan Gonzalez (12) reflects on her years as an athlete, recounts some...

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Posing in front of a photo-op station, Daelene Cabahug (12), Lauren Bolton (12), and Faith Shortridge (12) sport college merch for Senior Decision Day. Shortridge explained how the seniors “signed a banner, got a cool button, and had our picture taken before we got a donut and took a bunch of pictures.” She also expressed how being able to “talk and take pictures with everyone” was fun for all the seniors.

Seniors Celebrate Committing to College: Decision Day

Shrutika Ezhil, Staff Writer May 25, 2021

   On Wednesday, May 12, West High seniors celebrated making one of the biggest decisions of their lives: committing to a college. With seniors trickling in wearing college merch, they were greeted by a beautiful setup of balloons and offerings of...

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As finals week approaches, it’s crucial to take time to take care of yourself. Co-Vice President of Tutorial club Michelle Fong (12) notes how she recharges during this stressful time: “Whether [it be] self-care stuff like just making yourself something nice to drink [or] doing a face mask, I find that that really helps me relax for a bit and find my motivation again to just power through with that last assignment or whatever I have to get done.”

A Stress-Free Finals Week

Alexssa Takeda, Staff Writer May 25, 2021

   Although a year of COVID has been full of unexpected obstacles, many of the challenges of school have remained the same, including finals. Even if the last week of the semester is known for frantic flipping of flashcards and haphazard scanning of...

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Zoe Jackson Delos Angeles (12) juggles many extracurricular activities on top of being a senior. Throughout four years of high school, she has remained consistently enthusiastic in her involvement through clubs, volunteer work, and creative pursuits. Photo courtesy of Zoe Jackson Delos Agneles (12).

Senior Spotlight: Zoe Jackson Delos Angeles

Shrutika Ezhil, Staff Writer May 25, 2021

   For seniors who are involved in multiple areas at West, saying goodbye will be hard. This is the case for Zoe Jackson Delos Angeles (12), who has put her time and commitment into yearbook, marching band, Red Cross, and more.    As a four-year...

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On top of the new style, the performers had to familiarize themselves with filming, rather than performing on a stage. Morgan Kotecki (11), who plays Rebecca Hiliker in the play, expressed: “Acting from home was one of the weirdest things I’ve ever done. It was a fun experience because we had to think outside of the box to put up production but definitely an experience I'll never forget. I’m just glad that we are starting to do more acting in person.”

Behind the Scenes: The Laramie Project

Shrutika Ezhil, Staff Writer May 21, 2021

   Despite having to cancel their Spring production in 2020 and having to protest for in-person practices, West High’s Theatre Department still found a way to assure that the show must go on. On May 14th and 15th, The Laramie Project, the Theatre...

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Running unopposed, Meileen Taw (11) was elected as ASB’s President! Regarding what she’s gained so far through her prior years in ASB, Taw said “ASB has allowed me to exercise my leadership and creativity. I have been able to involve myself in the school and make so many new friends!”

Get to Know Your ASB President: Meileen Taw

Shrutika Ezhil, Staff Writer May 7, 2021

   As ASB announced the results of their elections, one student was not surprised. Meileen Taw (11) ran unopposed for ASB President, a role that requires lots of dedication and time.     As ASB President, Taw would “represent ASB and the students...

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The seemingly endless line of shelves in West High’s library are filled with books of all different shapes, sizes, and genres. As the West High librarian, Mrs. Puccio’s passion for reading is shown through the multitude of books she provides for students. Photo courtesy of Mrs. Puccio.

Unsung Heroes of West: Mrs. Puccio

Lauren Ng, Staff Writer May 4, 2021

   Poet and essayist Rita Dove once said, “The library is an arena of possibility, opening both a window into the soul and a door onto the world.” Thanks to Mrs. Puccio, West High’s librarian, the library fosters such curiosity for our school...

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On April 12th-14th, tryouts for West High’s Speech and Debate team were held. Team captain Jana Abulaban (11) expresses what she got out of being a part of the team: “Once I joined, I understood the broader concept of Speech and Debate and really understood what I wanted to gain [from] it: that feeling of being part of a really supportive team...I have learned to publicly speak more and be more confident with it.”

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to this Debate

Alexssa Takeda, Staff Writer April 27, 2021

   During this year of concerning social issues and rapidly evolving political environments, it seems that a rising number of outspoken leaders are taking a stand. Despite the pandemic, West High’s Speech and Debate team continued its goal of bringing...

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Allison Tsai (10) in her campaign video, using a fun intro that took advantage of the popular song “Drivers License” by Olivia Rodrigo, and related the song to student experiences. After her win, she said, “Knowing that I would be able to do something I loved next year was the most amazing feeling!” Her passion for the job is definitely likely to make her a great leader.

Election Day at West

Westley Kim, Staff Writer April 23, 2021

   Everyone at West has been waiting with bated breath for the release of next year’s ASB government. The results of the election were posted to the ASB Instagram on April 16, and the exciting changes planned by these students are definitely something...

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