The School Newspaper of West High School

West Signals

The School Newspaper of West High School

West Signals

The School Newspaper of West High School

West Signals

From left to right: Seniors Gizelle El Assal, Amaya Sanles, Makena Irvine, and Dylan Smith celebrate their commitment and signing to college. What began as a process almost two years ago, the seniors expressed their elation to continue playing sports at the collegiate level.

They Get to Sign Because They Already Shine!

Christian Robledo, Staff Writer December 15, 2023

On Wednesday, November 15, West High held its annual Signing Day:  Athletes who have worked tirelessly in the sport they love pledge to partake in a corresponding collegiate team. For some, the process of getting a college to want you to play for them...

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After the wonderful halftime performance of their 2023 field show entitled “Shattered” at the first home football game, the team huddles up for a group picture. Color Guard tryouts typically take place in mid to late April.

Color Guard: West High’s Hidden Gem

Alexandra Arnold, Staff Writer November 10, 2023

  Colorful silks and equipment twirl through the air, followed by the satisfying snap of a solid catch. Despite its lesser known reputation as part of the West High Entertainment Unit, Color Guard is a sport that requires immense effort and behind-the-scenes...

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Recent nail art client Kayla Ha (12) displays Fung’s impeccable paint job.
Photo Courtesy of Erika Fung (12).

Introducing West High’s Local Nail Salon

Jackson Mancilla, Staff Writer September 26, 2023

   Balancing work and life isn’t always easy, especially if you’re a high school student— but, even under busy and stressful circumstances, there are ways to cheat the system and benefit from both school and life. Let Erika Fung (12) be a testament...

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West plays their second football game of the season. During halftime, there was an amazing performance from our band and color guard. Band member Mayu Herrera (11) reflected: “I think that the music we play might be a bit of encouragement!”

Halftime Highlights: West vs. Santa Monica

Amrynn Gordon, Staff Photographer September 18, 2023

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Mr. Lai also coaches for the Cross Country team at West. Runner Natsuki Nawachi(9) expressed that as a runner, “he pushed everyone to do their best.” Whether it be in or out of the classroom, Mr. Lai continues to be an inspiration for all of us.

Guiding Explorations: Meet the New Teacher Nurturing Scientific Minds

Maya Nawachi, Staff Photographer September 18, 2023

   Walking around and hanging out with friends at Del Amo mall is something we have all done. For Mr. Lai, the new Biology teacher, that’s no different. At one point in time, he too would hang out with his friends at the mall. After leaving for college...

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Congratulations to Mrs. Chambers for winning  Teacher of the Year.

Teacher of the Year: Mrs. Chambers

Elise Fauni, Opinion Editor June 26, 2023

   For some students, school becomes a place of boring and repetitive nature. Countless hours are dedicated to studying for the sake of a passing test score, prioritizing memorization over comprehension. Often lost in the structure of our education...

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On May 21 in the Hermosa Beach Playhouse Theater, Wyatts man nanny Stassin Sexton and filmmaker Eric Light share the stage, describing the emergence of the WYATZ66 film. Photo courtesy of Jordan Salmon.

WYATZ66: The Story of Wyatt Eddy

   On Sunday, May 21, in the Hermosa Beach Playhouse Theater — roughly five miles from the late Wyatt Eddy’s hometown of Torrance, CA — WYATZ66 premiered. Under the direction of filmmaker Erik Light, the documentary captivated the eyes and tugged...

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Even as a high school student, Kira Erikson (11) (right) has made  a name for herself in the fencing world. Training from a young age, Erikson dedicated herself to daily practices, always pushing herself to improve. Photo courtesy of Kira Erikson (11).

Kira Erikson: A Fencing Star at West

Jacob Usary and Sarah Han June 7, 2023

   Although West High is home to a variety of sports, it does not have a fencing team. Still, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t talented fencers at West. In fact, there is a current West High student, notable for her highly decorated fencing career:...

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Honors Decathlete Qinghan Jia (10) and Varsity Decathlete Kyle Chung (10) share their jubilation after having won 7th at the state competition and several individual medals. The 44th Annual California Academic Decathlon was held at the Santa Clara Marriott venue near San Jose in Northern California. Photo courtesy of Michelle Zhang.

Academic Decathlon Wins 2nd In County, Top 7 At State

Philip Lam, Editor-in-Chief May 19, 2023

   What’s the product of 2½-hour daily practice after-school, rigorous discipline, ten additional subjects to study, and over 700 pages of literature to read? A 2nd place win for West High’s Academic Decathlon at the county competition, a 7th...

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Dulnaka Jalath (12) won this year’s inter-school chess competition at West High. Photo courtesy of Marina Soen (12).

West High Games Club Hosts Inter-School Chess Competition

Natalie Ou, Sports Editor May 19, 2023

   Before West High’s Games Club Co-Presidents Anika Agarwal (12) and Claire Perry’s (12) efforts, there hadn’t been a chess competition at West High for years –– much less one between multiple schools. Now, West’s Games Club is proud to...

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Perfectly in sync, Claire Perry (12) and Amanda Bruers (10) toss their flags in a performance  titled “Medusa.” Photo courtesy of Marina Soen (12).

Flags, Rifles, and Sabres, Oh My!

Triton Prichard and Cyrilla Zhang May 17, 2023

   Although Color Guard isn’t familiar to many, it is a sport that requires just as much hard work and practice as any other.    At practices, members typically warm up, get equipment, and clean up choreography. Then, the team does a few runs...

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West High Black Culture Club Secretary Zara Simon (10) reads her poem “My Skin” at the 22nd annual “Continuing the Legacy” event for the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce on March 2. Photo courtesy of Mrs. Murata.

West High Black Culture Club Featured at Torrance Chamber of Commerce’s Black History Month Celebration

Lauren Ng, Co-Editor-in-Chief May 15, 2023

   Yellow for optimism and prosperity. Red for the blood of lost lives. Green for the lush environment of African land. Black for resilience and identity. Each of the Black History Month colors add a distinct layer to the tapestry – and when threaded...

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