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The National Honor Society provides help in many AP exams. Tutors were assigned to one subject to improve their tutees experience, providing advice based on previous experience in each class. “I recommend coming to these AP cram sessions because you can receive help from students who have previously and recently taken the test,” NHS board member Katie Ho (12) explained.
Time to Cram!
Katelyn Baba, Staff Writer • May 9, 2024
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Introducing West High’s Local Nail Salon

Recent nail art client Kayla Ha (12) displays Fung’s impeccable paint job. Photo Courtesy of Erika Fung (12).

   Balancing work and life isn’t always easy, especially if you’re a high school student— but, even under busy and stressful circumstances, there are ways to cheat the system and benefit from both school and life. Let Erika Fung (12) be a testament to that fact: Back in May of 2023, she began her now-booming nail business “Lovely Nail Salon Dupe.” Ever since she began in May, she’s been slowly building a following of happy customers who come for a relaxed and friendly approach to getting their nails done.

   What’s arguably most impressive about Fung’s business is how she popularized her small business: she took to social media to market her nails, and, though sales were initially slow, as people around her got word, the news of a new small business caught on like wildfire. Most of her followers for the coming months ended up being West High Students. In retrospect, Fung said, “I had thought of making it a more local-based business anyways, so it ended up working out in my favor.”

   Part of the appeal of this West High student business was that it meant Fung could offer a more personal experience for her classmates as opposed to just going to a normal nail salon with strangers doing their nails. And — of course —  it wouldn’t be a nail salon without a little bit of gossip on the side, free of charge.  

   “Lovely Nail Salon Dupe” has brought about nothing but happy customers since its conception. One of her more recent clients, Siona Soumi (12) has expressed her gratitude for the fact that she got to have an “actual conversation and overall good interaction.” Siona, among many of Erika’s clients, plans on returning for more sets in the near future.

   Fung has had her fair share of obstacles running this business: “It hasn’t always been easy, but the customers make up for that.” She’s managed to push through it all and make serious progress in growing the business as well as her wallet. 

   Unfortunately, when this year ends, “Lovely Nail Salon Dupe” will too. Fung explained, “It’s been a great experience, but I don’t think I’ll have time for it when college starts.” 

   So if you plan on getting your nails done anytime soon, look no further than “Lovely Nail Salon Dupe.” Homecoming’s just around the corner, and you can easily book an appointment with Fung through Instagram at @lovelynailsalondupe.

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About the Contributor
Jackson Mancilla
Jackson Mancilla, Staff Writer
Jackson Mancilla is one of the newest additions to the Signals team. He’s a senior at West High and is an active writer for the newspaper. While not writing articles, Mancilla is making short films and playing piano, guitar, or saxophone. He’s a proud leader within the WHEU marching band and hopes to use his experiences around campus to enrich both the community around him and the papers he writes. Mancilla wants to get into the film industry after high school, and plans to apply his love of writing to the screen one day.