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The School Newspaper of West High School

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The School Newspaper of West High School

West Signals

The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023) is one of the hottest topics of conversation. Mario’s status as such an integral pop culture character has led to intense scrutiny about the movie’s quality, but has since received generally positive reviews.

Critics Smash The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Anthony Parker, Staff Writer May 23, 2023

   On April 5, “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” hit theaters with an overall mixed response. Critics slammed the movie for multiple issues, whilst audiences praised it for its unique take on the Mario series. It recently became the highest grossing...

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Perfectly in sync, Claire Perry (12) and Amanda Bruers (10) toss their flags in a performance  titled “Medusa.” Photo courtesy of Marina Soen (12).

Flags, Rifles, and Sabres, Oh My!

Triton Prichard and Cyrilla Zhang May 17, 2023

   Although Color Guard isn’t familiar to many, it is a sport that requires just as much hard work and practice as any other.    At practices, members typically warm up, get equipment, and clean up choreography. Then, the team does a few runs...

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Japanese dancers line up to perform for West’s accepting and enthusiastic crowd. Gracie Ito (11) thought the event was great, as it gave West’s drill and all male team time “to bond with them since [they were] going to nationals together.”

West Meets Japanese Dance Teams!

Anthony Parker, Staff Writer May 10, 2023

   On March 30, six Japanese schools performed alongside West’s Drill and All Male team for an unforgettable experience. Held inside the gym during Warrior Workshop, students cheered as each team gave it their all.    After the performance,...

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Within the final moments of the show, Elle Woods and Emmett Forrest (portrayed by Mia Gibson (12) and Brandon Howard (12)) are joined by the cast of West High’s 2023 spring musical, “Legally Blonde.” As Woods emerged victorious from her court case,  Gibson commented that “Legally Blonde” celebrated the importance of “self-expression, self-discovery, and growth.”

“Legally Blonde”: A Spring Musical Like No Other

Sarah Han, News Editor May 5, 2023

   When people attend a West High theater production, they can always expect greatness. 2023’s spring musical, “Legally Blonde,” was no exception. This year’s musical is sure to go down in West High history; with its star-studded cast, live...

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The famous bow scene, depicted above, has become iconic in pop culture. To capture the film’s sunset, it took 8 days to shoot— while any other director would’ve called in CGI artists.

Please, Please, Go Watch Titanic

Sean Toomey, Staff Writer March 28, 2023

   There are no Titanic spoilers. You know how the movie ends. The ship sinks.     But it's difficult to say why you know that— is it because of the tragedy, or the film itself?     The 1912 disaster was not the deadliest shipwreck...

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West’s All-Male team performs their “killer” monster dance at the end of the Spirit Day event. Julia Araujo (12) felt happy noticing that “all of the teams competing seemed to be enjoying themselves.”

The Shining Event of WDAAM’s Spirit Day

Anthony Parker, Staff Writer March 14, 2023

   On March 4, multiple Southern California Drill and All-Male teams arrived at West High on large yellow buses to compete in the highly anticipated Spirit Day. The teams prepared to show off their talents in the gymnasium in front of well-known judges...

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Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quatumania’s massive blockbuster scale has created an influx of advertisements promoting the movie. When asked if the movie is considered a true “film” Michael Oliveros (11) stated that “to even consider Marvel movies ‘films’ is laughable, as they overuse the same formula in almost every movie and don’t produce anything that really defines cinema as an art form.”

Quantumania At West!

Anthony Parker, Staff Writer March 8, 2023

   On Feb. 17, the third installment in the Ant-Man trilogy was released: “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.” Over recent years, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has been under massive stress to put out something astonishing, similar to their...

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“Legally Blonde the Musical” opens on March 23 and showcases a cast of nearly 60 students.  Photo courtesy of Mrs. Orabuena.

Prep for Success: Behind the Scenes of West High’s Legally Blonde Musical

Natalie Ou, Staff Writer February 26, 2023

Brimming with acerbic irony, brilliant vocals, and sharp dance moves, West High Play Production’s "Legally Blonde" is highly anticipated among both cast members and students alike. Fewer things are more iconic among American audiences than leading lady...

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Co-Artistic Director Misa Cohen (12) gets lifted by fellow members of Advanced Dance during the “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work” Dance Department show. West High and Dance Department alumna Zoe Kono expressed how “every piece had such different themes and costumes — I could never predict what was going to come next.”

“Teamwork Makes the Dream Work” at West High Dance Department’s Winter Showcase

Philip Lam, Staff Writer February 26, 2023

   As the lights began to dim in the Performing Arts Center, a spirited audience, which turned up in droves, fell silent in anticipation. The culmination of months of diligent work by the West High Dance Department was about to unfold in front of them....

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The band Noir walks onto stage as the last performance of the night. The crowd roared as the three juniors started to play.  “I wasn’t expecting so much support on our first night,” stated drummer Elijah Cattouse (11).

2023 Talent Show Rocks West High!

Anthony Parker, Staff Writer February 17, 2023

   On February 10, after many days of practicing, West High students walked into the bright spotlights to showcase their talents. West High’s annual talent show is an example of pure dedication to creativity, from the students who perform to the students...

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Filipino Culture Club practices Tinikling, a traditional dance, to prepare for a highly anticipated performance at Multicultural Day.  Every year, cultural clubs present traditional dances, clothing, and songs to showcase the diverse community that makes up West High.  These performances require an abundance of preparation time, dedication, and effort, all to present a perfected show for students and staff.

Multicultural Day Preparations

Bella Levinson, Staff Writer & Photographer January 18, 2023

   Every day, we are surrounded by thousands of different cultures that contain traditions and services that have been passed down from generation to generation. At West High, students with different ethnic backgrounds and ancestry connected to different...

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Houses along Torrance’s Candy Cane Lane are decked out in festive lights and decorations for all to enjoy. The attraction is available until the end of December. Photo courtesy of Catherine Jonaris (12).

Candy Cane Lane Brings Out the Season!

Anthony Parker, Staff Writer December 27, 2022

   On the streets of Pacific Coast Highway and Calle Mayor, lines of cars gather to admire the stunning lights that stand at every house. The merry songs and smell of hot chocolate lasts for four whole blocks, with the entire area covered in Christmas...

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