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Podcasts provide listeners with insightful 
and on-the-go information about particular topics. They are a way to spark some fun in our daily routines. According to Juan Garcia (12), “Podcasts are a good option for those who get tired of nothing new to listen to . . . they’re perfect for a sick day or a bus ride.”

Podcasts You Should Listen to in 2022

Luciana Gonzalez, Staff Writer January 13, 2022

   New year, new hobbies! As the new year kicks off, some of us are looking for new activities to start a productive 2022. According to Spotify, in 2021, over 155 million people listened to a podcast every week. Podcasts allow people to listen to their...

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BTS performs in front of live audiences once again for their “Permission to Dance” tour while fans enjoy their performance, holding up their light sticks (known as Army Bombs) to the tune of the melody. The group, which made history in the past year through their wins at the American Music Awards, represented growth in the popularity of Asian media. Mrs. Lee stated, “it is so impactful and powerful… that Korean culture is featured and available to so many more people.” Photo courtesy of Jasmin Cuaresma (11).

BTS: Making History

Sarah Han, Staff Writer December 17, 2021

   After two long years, BTS finally came back to Los Angeles to perform live in concert. On November 27-28 and December 1-2, SoFi Stadium was filled with thousands of people cheering, laughing, singing, and dancing. Fans who had been waiting for years...

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It’s that time of the year again! Pumpkins have never been more popular – whether that’s on doorsteps or the dinner table. Students shared their favorite autumn season recipes, hoping to not only spread the great taste but the fall feeling. Natalia Cruz-Chicas (10) expressed how “every time I bake something, I still never get bored. It’s really my favorite thing!”

Warrior Fall Baking!

Sophia Yoshimura, Staff Writer November 29, 2021

   With the fall season comes the fashion, sports, and cozy Thanksgiving feel. As the holiday season rolls around, students cook up various dishes at home. Ovens are baking in the midst of the season’s chilliness: everything’s getting all toasty!...

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Photo Courtesy of Sullivan Kolakowski.

Backstage Pass: Puffs Tech Week

Sullivan Kolakowski, Staff Photographer November 18, 2021

“Tech Week”: The final week of last-minute preparations for Play Production before opening night. Taking a comical approach to Harry Potter, the fall play Puffs is bound to “be an entertaining experience” for audience members, according to actor...

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The 2021 show by the West High Theater Department follows the Hufflepuff house during Harry Potter’s seven years at Hogwarts. To prepare for opening night, students gather around to make wands, practice lines, and practice in costumes. Photo courtesy of Isabella Distasio (11).

Preparing with Play Prod

Sarah Han, Staff Writer November 15, 2021

   As show day approaches, West High’s Theater Department becomes busier and busier to prepare for their show. With Puffs premiering on November 18, 2021, students gather together to make sure the show runs as perfectly as possible.     Puffs,...

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This fall comes bearing warm colors and chunky sweaters. As the temperatures and leaves drop, students at West take advantage of the weather to cozy up in style! Pictured from left to right: Dominic Disloquez (11), Samantha Kelly (12), Nicole Smith (10), Peter Cepeda (12), Tobeanna Anyaoha (12), Tommy Nguyen (11), Felix (Abigail) Paddi (11). Photo courtesy of Kaila Uyemura (12).

Fall Fashion At West!

Sophia Yoshimura, Staff Writer November 6, 2021

   From sweaters to turtlenecks, students at West have shown their taste in the fall trends. Summer tees turned into layers of tops as it gets a little chillier each day. Those of all grades sport the flare pants and mom jeans, rocking it with some...

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Whether it’s an animated musical or a nail-biting thriller, these movies are perfect for entertaining yourself on a spooky night-in this Halloween!

Spooky Shows To Stream This Halloween

Alexssa Takeda, News Editor October 29, 2021

   If you are still rushing to make plans for this Halloween, here are some shows that will keep your spooky spirit alive. Break out your favorite treats, turn down the lights, and lock those doors as you prepare for the night of your life! Nightmare...

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Misa Cohen’s (11) choreographed dance number “SOS”, was performed by Intermediate dancers. In a show stopping blue top and black bottoms, the jazz piece was upbeat and impressive. In her preparation, Cohen admits, “It was definitely difficult to choose a song I liked but also a song that was easy to choreograph to.” Photo by Kaila Uyemura (12).

Back to Performing: The Fall Dance Showcase!

Kate Phan, Staff Writer October 14, 2021

   5, 6, 7, 8! Cue the stage lights and music — West High’s first performance at the Performing Arts Center (PAC) this year kicked off on September 29 with the Fall Dance Showcase. Showcase is a collection of solo performances and group dances...

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West High, the host of the SBI Battle of the Bands, brought together bands from all over the South Bay to start off their marching band season.

West Wins Third in the Battle of the Bands

Cyrilla Zhang, Staff Writer October 13, 2021

   The hot California sun beats down on West High’s football field, creating wavy mirages in the air. Though it’s only 11 in the morning, temperatures are already nearing a sweltering 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Ethan Barriklow (10) squeezes onto the...

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Preparing for this year’s Fall play, Play Production members Taylor Gulbrandsen (11), Jade Leone (11), and Natalia Torres (11) study their lines as they prepare for rehearsal. “I’m excited to have an in person audience,” Leone expressed. “It’s been a while since we have been able to have people watch [the plays] in person!” West students, staff, and families will be able to enjoy the show live in the West High Performing Arts Center on November 18, 19, and 20.

A Closer Look Into Play Production

Elise Fauni, Staff Writer September 21, 2021

   Bright lights, booming voices, and exciting choreography: this is what West High Play Production brings to the stage every year. But behind the curtain is the rush of casting, rehearsal, and tons of practice.    These past couple weeks, Play...

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Ending the school year with a Spring Show, West’s Dance Department put on a marvelous performance that left a profound and meaningful impact on the virtual audience. A member of Advanced Dance and one of the Teacher Assistants for Beginning Dance, Hanna Blair (12) expressed how “Intermediates hip hop brought an instant smile to my face while the Advanced senior soloists brought me to tears.

WHS Dance Puts Their Heart and Soul Into Spring Show “20-21 And Done!”

Lauren Ng, Sports & Opinion Editor May 7, 2021

   From gracefully executed leaps through the air to head-bopping hip hop moves, the West High Dance Department’s Spring Show had it all – and made both the dancers and the audience feel even more. At 7 p.m. on April 30th, “20-21 And Done!”...

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Netflix Documentary “Seaspiracy” tackles the controversial fish market and the impact it has on the world’s oceans. The fishing industry is accused of wiping out fish in the sea, destroying habitats, and illegally hunting for whales. The filmmakers have expressed a desire to save the oceans from the fishing industry, but they have also come under fire for presenting a sensationalized version of the truth.

On Demand: Seaspiracy Takeaways

Shrutika Ezhil, Staff Writer April 30, 2021

   Quarantine may be coming to an end, but our hunger for binge-worthy content isn’t. One of the effects of social distancing has been an increase in viewership of streaming services, and Netflix is no exception, releasing new movies and series to...

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