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Sarah Han

Sarah Han, News Editor

Seyeon (Sarah) Han is a senior and the News Editor for West Signals.. As a part of her second year at Signals, she hopes to deliver accurate and exciting news to students and further develop her skills in writing and journalism. Sarah is also involved in multiple clubs on campus outside of Signals, including Mindful, Key Club, and UNICEF. 

All content by Sarah Han
As the second semester begins, students take advantage of the comforts of the new Warrior Loft as a quiet space to study. The Loft was originally created as a way to better utilize the library space. Now refurbished, the Warrior Loft provides an opening environment for students to both work and relax.

[Art/Photo] The New Warrior Loft

Ilma Patel, Assistant Social Media Manager February 23, 2023
The greater Los Angeles area, including the South Bay, is ripe with perfect spots catering to the likings of any date-goers.

West High Date Nigh(t)

Sarah Han, News Editor February 13, 2023
Therapy dogs are on campus during AP testing week to encourage students and improve their mental health. In light of mental health awareness month, the presence of these dogs reminded students and staff of the importance of mental health and became a beacon of light during stressful times. As Ms. Sophie Meagher of The Alliance of Therapy Dogs said, its easy to see peoples face light up when they see [the dogs].

Therapy Dogs on Campus!

Sarah Han, News Editor May 18, 2022
Through the hardships that come with fashion and design, however, students learn to persevere and problem-solve. West High’s program offers so much more than needles and strings- it offers opportunities that can’t be seen anywhere else, preparing students for all the best and worst things their futures have to offer.

Needles and Strings

Sarah Han, News Editor April 24, 2022
Students promote their clubs and sell food at West High’s Night Market. This was an opportunity to introduce incoming freshmen to what their high school experience may be like and was an exciting event for all current students. “The night may have even been over successful,” Shelly Maekawa (12) said, laughing. Photo by Kayla Dadivas (11).

West High’s Night Market

Sarah Han, News Editor March 29, 2022
Despite an overall loss to the Culver City Centaurs, the Warriors have an optimistic outlook on their upcoming season. Varsity player, Nick Hoang (12) expressed, “I look forward to making new bonds with my teammates and our new coach, especially given how COVID played a role in our last two seasons.” With their first official League match on March 3, the team continues to persevere on and off the court in hopes of going far this season.

Starting Anew: Boys’ Tennis, 2022

Sarah Han, News Editor February 26, 2022
Lucy Hasenmayer (10) is the goalkeeper for West Girls’ Soccer. During games, Hasenmayer looks out into the field and guides her teammates whenever necessary. She reflected, “I was not so good at [playing] field, but [my dad] wanted me to try goalkeeping . . . turns out I was actually pretty good at it.” Photo courtesy of Lucy Hasenmayer.

Athlete of the Week: Lucy Hasenmayer

Sarah Han, News Editor February 25, 2022
As cases spike due to the highly contagious Omicron variant, many are wondering whether or not schools should stay home. However, cases will continue rising unless school goes back online, and student voices fight against staying open. Dominic Disloquez (11) commented, “I understand that education is important but this is one of the worst times for COVID, and there are too many families that are suffering from this.”

Should We Go Back Online?

Sarah Han, News Editor February 15, 2022
All five seniors on the Boys’ Basketball team hold gift packages and wear leis around their necks. Around them are their parents, coaches, and loved ones, celebrating the day that the boys had been working up to for the past four years. Matthew De Luna (11) of the Varsity team commented “They’ve worked so hard the whole time they’ve been with the program and it was their night.”

Boys’ Basketball: Thank You, Seniors!

Sarah Han, News Editor February 14, 2022
New year, new me! New Year’s resolutions are a great way to set goals for the upcoming year. Students share what resolutions they made and how they plan on measuring their achievement progress.

New Year, New Resolutions

Sarah Han, News Editor January 17, 2022
West’s 2021 manleaders work together to build a connecting pyramid –impressive for guys who’ve only had a few weeks of experience. This Winter Rally was jam-packed with entertainment, with special courtesy of the manleaders and Powderpuff players, whose athleticism really got the crowd on their feet.

Powering Through Powderpuff

Sarah Han, News Editor January 5, 2022
BTS performs in front of live audiences once again for their “Permission to Dance” tour while fans enjoy their performance, holding up their light sticks (known as Army Bombs) to the tune of the melody. The group, which made history in the past year through their wins at the American Music Awards, represented growth in the popularity of Asian media. Mrs. Lee stated, “it is so impactful and powerful… that Korean culture is featured and available to so many more people.” Photo courtesy of Jasmin Cuaresma (11).

BTS: Making History

Sarah Han, News Editor December 17, 2021
The 2021 show by the West High Theater Department follows the Hufflepuff house during Harry Potter’s seven years at Hogwarts. To prepare for opening night, students gather around to make wands, practice lines, and practice in costumes. Photo courtesy of Isabella Distasio (11).

Preparing with Play Prod

Sarah Han, News Editor November 15, 2021
Varsity outside linebacker and running back Reave Comer (12) hugs Varsity outside linebacker Tyler Schlappatha (11) before the start of the game. “There was a lot of emotion in the air,” Comer commented.

Senior Night: One Last Time

Sarah Han, News Editor November 11, 2021
West High Boys’ Varsity Cross Country team placed third this year at the annual Clovis Invitational. Though they are a Division III team, they successfully competed against Division I and Division II teams from northern and central California. Picture courtesy of Frank Wong (11).

Cross Country Competes at Clovis

Sarah Han, News Editor October 22, 2021
FCA (Fellowship of Chrsitian Athletes) met for the first time in person last Thursday to have fellowship and build relationships with one another. They played games, ate food, and listened to a message by a leader. Photo courtesy of Eva Brandt.

Club Feature: FCA and Young Life

Sarah Han, News Editor October 13, 2021
The Academic Decathlon team at the LA County competition in 2020, the last in-person competition. During the 2020 competition, the West’s Acadec placed third out of a total of 39 teams. Photo Courtesy of Shreya Reddi (12).

Well-Rounded: Academic Decathlon

Sarah Han, News Editor October 2, 2021
Mr. Chou, the new boys’ tennis coach and a new algebra teacher at West High hopes to inspire his students and to help them overcome their fears of failure.

In With the New: Mr. Chou

Sarah Han, News Editor September 25, 2021
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