West High Date Nigh(t)


Art/Photo by Kayla Dadivas

The greater Los Angeles area, including the South Bay, is ripe with perfect spots catering to the likings of any date-goers.

Sarah Han, News Editor

   February: the month of love. Whether you love it or hate it, February comes with the expectations of chocolates, flowers, and, of course, a well-planned date. To help you out, here are a few suggestions from fellow West High students:

Chado Tea Room: Located in Old Torrance, Chado Tea Room is the perfect mix of elegance and simplicity. As described by Jessica Lee (12), Chado has the ambiance of “Alice in Wonderland” with “Baroque elements.” There, you can choose from over 200 types of tea to enjoy with a cake, sandwich, or salad. Not only will you experience a taste of royalty, but you will come out with dozens of pictures from the extremely photograph-friendly location. 

Cozzi Cafe: Cozzi Cafe is perfect for a more casual, cozier date. It offers a choice of coffees, matcha drinks, and even smoothies that visitors can pair with their choice of pastry. This environment makes this cafe a great spot for a chat, study dates, and other everyday activities. Lee recommended this location for its “affordability,” “comfy chairs,” “big drinks,” and “cool atmosphere.”

The Last Bookstore: Found in downtown Los Angeles, The Last Bookstore has something to offer for readers and non-readers alike. As the largest new and used bookstore in the state, Lee explained that this store offered a “large archive of books, vinyls, and CD albums.” With over 250,000 books, there’s something for everyone, from art and photography, to rare books, to graphic novels. With these options, you and your date are bound to find a commonality or interest to talk about (or, at the very least, a good book to read)! 

Palos Verdes Cliffs: For any Southern Californian resident, a beach date is a must. The Palos Verdes Cliffs, especially, offer a stunning view of the ocean, surrounded by green hills and hiking trails. Kainalu Barricklow (11) reminisced about “build[ing] LEGOs” with his girlfriend and “walk[ing] the path along the cliffside.” Students can also enjoy a picnic, a restaurant dinner, or visit some of the local stores, all while watching the crashing waves. The Cliffs truly give couples a chance to take part in activities customized to their interests, surrounded by the salty ocean breeze. 

The Aquarium of the Pacific: The Aquarium of the Pacific is a perfect place for those who imagine the perfect Valentine’s Day date to be one surrounded by 12,000 ocean creatures. The Aquarium features a variety of exhibits and hands-on activities, including the Shark Lagoon which offers visitors a chance to touch live sharks, as well as Babies! in which guests can meet little sea otters. Barricklow recounted that the best part of his visit there was “watching the seals dive in and out of the water” with his girlfriend. 

Little Tokyo: Little Tokyo is surrounded by culture and photo-taking opportunities. It also offers food to satiate any craving, including sushi, katsu, ramen, and Japanese-style bread. Josefina Campos (12) commented that she often visited the area “to shop and eat good food,” finding that there was “a lot to explore.” The streets filled with beauty and novelty stores offer every onlooker a unique glimpse into Japanese culture and history, and a day spent here is sure to be a memorable one. 

Color Me Mine: If you and your partner prefer to express yourselves through art, Color Me Mine might be for you. With dozens of dishes and mugs to choose from, Color Me Mine offers a variety paints for you to truly personalize your experience and emerge with a souvenir to remember your night by. 

Huntington Library: The Huntington Library is made up of three parts: the library, the museum, and the botanical gardens. The library contains collections spanning from the 11th century to the present. The art museum includes art from all around the world, including classical European paintings, historical American art, and beautiful Asian sculptures, books and paintings. This theme is continued throughout the gardens, through which visitors can explore plantlife from all around the world, such as the Chinese Garden, the lily ponds, the Shakespeare Garden, and the Camelia Garden. After all, what’s more romantic than walking through a path of flowers with your date? 

Getty Museum: There is no better place to experience art and culture than at a museum. Not only is it filled with beautiful gardens, architecture, and art, but you will come out with a fuller insight into science and history. Plus, admission is free! 

Griffith Observatory: A night at the Griffith Observatory is a night under the stars. If you want to spend time looking into the night sky, inside a planetarium, or just want to learn more about the sky, the Observatory is perfect for you! The nearby Griffith Park is also the perfect place for a picnic date, surrounded by some of L.A.’s biggest attractions, including the Hollywood sign or the L.A. Zoo!

   A date at any one of these locations is sure to be filled with laughter and excitement. At the end of the day, however, date night isn’t about where you go — it’s about how you spend the time that you’ve been given with your date. So, go out, and find an activity that best speaks to the two of you! After all, isn’t that what February is all about?