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The School Newspaper of West High School

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The School Newspaper of West High School

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Sean Toomey

Sean Toomey, Staff Writer

Sean Toomey is a staff writer at Signals. It's his first year in journalism, third year on campus, and 13th year as an impassioned author – from the first Pre-K crayon scribbles to his columns in the paper, he has always wanted to share his enthusiasm for writing with the world. He spends more time at the beach than at home and runs on West High’s cross country team and caffeine.

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The famous bow scene, depicted above, has become iconic in pop culture. To capture the film’s sunset, it took 8 days to shoot— while any other director would’ve called in CGI artists.

Please, Please, Go Watch Titanic

Sean Toomey, Staff Writer March 28, 2023
West High’s Robotics Team puts in their all to compete with others all over the state. Every member utilized their different skills in designing, building, programming, and business to succeed. Through Robotics, their members have gained so many connections outside of the club, bonds, and teamwork skills.

It’s Robot-Building Season

Sean Toomey, Staff Writer February 26, 2023
Though he’s no stranger to controversy, Andrew Tate’s latest rise to fame in 2022 raises relevant concern to the development and views of young men and individuals under his influence. Enticed by his exploding charisma, self-help advice, and astonishing views on male supremacy, this self-made multi-millionaire, former kickboxing world champion, and media personality was able to rake in millions of fans, online supporters, and dollars.

Who Andrew Tate Really Is

Sean Toomey, Staff Writer January 12, 2023
The FIFA World Cup is the tournament that storms the media every four years. Excited fans everywhere unite to watch, connecting through their cheers and applauses. Many students cheered on their favorite teams and players as they represented their countries, fighting for the prized World Cup trophy. Kiara Harasaki (11) exclaimed that “it was exciting to see family and friends rooting for Japan.”

West High vs. The World Cup

Sean Toomey, Staff Writer December 22, 2022
On her last trip to New York, Nene Nakagomi (12) visits her dream school: Pace University. She completed the required “live audition” portion of her application — dancing in front of a panel of judges. She’s still waiting on her results. Photo Courtesy of Nene Nakagomi.

College Admissions and Life After West

Sean Toomey, Staff Writer December 9, 2022
Hana Kim (11) explains how FBLA’s game works to a dad and his son. A third boy stands by, patiently waiting for his turn. This was the least busy the booth was for the entire day — a queue of five or more wasn’t uncommon. In the background, older kids could be seen scattered about, playing one of the fair’s many games.

The Hometown Fair: 50 Years Strong

Sean Toomey, Staff Writer October 26, 2022
With a camera in one hand and a bed sheet in another, teens roam the streets in the dark searching for the perfect background for their “Ghost Photoshoot.” As one of the biggest TikTok trends of 2020, this fun and easy activity was a perfect way to celebrate the fall season and Halloween while remaining socially distant.

Four Activities for a Memorable Halloween

Sean Toomey, Staff Writer October 20, 2022
Musician and rapper Dominic Disloquez (12) reveals his most recent music release “teenagevampire777” featuring musician PolkaDot. Disloquez, who goes by the stage name Sh1nn Digital, dropped his first single “m3lanch0ly” with musician p0pstarcutie 4 months ago on SoundCloud. Since then he has expanded to more music platforms. On Friday, Oct.14, Disloquez will be performing in his first concert called “Friday the 14th alongside his fellow musicians.

Friday the 14th

Sean Toomey, Staff Writer October 9, 2022
On a path stretching from Building 5 to Building 3 of West High’s campus, students simultaneously eat their lunches and inquire about this year’s clubs: Mock Trial, Mindful, Film Critics, and many more! From special interest to academic clubs, this year’s Club Rush on September 14, 2022 provided students with outlets of learning and interaction outside of the classroom.

Clubs: Everything You Need to Know

Sean Toomey, Staff Writer September 30, 2022
The West High JV and Varsity Cross Country teams file into their place at the starting line, anxiously awaiting the starting gun. Raindrops, visible in the rays of the floodlights, hit the faces of the boys — mixing with beading sweat in the heat.

Boys’ Cross Country: The Season Ahead

Sean Toomey, Staff Writer September 27, 2022
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