Friday the 14th


Art/Photo by Jasmin Cuaresma

Musician and rapper Dominic Disloquez (12) reveals his most recent music release “teenagevampire777” featuring musician PolkaDot. Disloquez, who goes by the stage name Sh1nn Digital, dropped his first single “m3lanch0ly” with musician p0pstarcutie 4 months ago on SoundCloud. Since then he has expanded to more music platforms. On Friday, Oct.14, Disloquez will be performing in his first concert called “Friday the 14th” alongside his fellow musicians.

Sean Toomey, Staff Writer

   For many, a concert is one of life’s greatest pleasures. 

   To see a musician perform live — to hear the subtle, human imperfections usually edited out by studio engineers, to be in the same room as the person whose work you have loved for so long — is a gripping experience. Every year, millions will claim seats, stand on floors, and watch from boxes. But only a handful have ever taken the stage. 

   This Friday, Oct. 14, rapper and producer Dominic Disloquez (12) — or, as his fans know him, Sh1nn Digital  — will become a part of that handful. He will join an elite club of artists who have created something enough people care about to pay to see — all while attending West High.

   Disloquez had “always loved music,” but had never considered making it until a few artist friends “pushed him to try.” He released his first single “m3lanch0ly” with rapper friend p0pstarcutie to SoundCloud four months ago; it’s been streamed nearly 6,000 times. 

   Since then, his music — which Disloquez describes as a “mix between hyperpop and rap” — has continued to gain traction. He and a few other artists announced their joint concert “Friday the 14th” on Sept. 3, a first for Sh1nn Digital and a major milestone for any musician. 

   Disloquez encourages “anyone who’s interested” to attend. While he “can speak for all the performing artists” when he says the “scene is very accepting” he asks that everyone in the audience stay respectful. 

   Aneesh Srirambhatla (11), longtime listener, will attend the concert with a few friends. As a hip-hop fan, he’s especially excited for a “change of pace from the normal rap concert” and wants to support Disloquez as both a friend and a fan. Srirambhatla’s favorite track is “teenagevampire777,” which was recently released on all major streaming platforms — he hopes to see it performed live this week. 

    On Disloquez’s part, he’s “excited and nervous” to show off his craft in front of some of his idols. But he knows he’s ready. To any other prospective musicians, he offers his advice: “START NOW!” Who knows where you might end up four months later. Tickets and more information for the “Friday the 14th” concert (not a school sponsored event) are available through Eventbrite.