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Kate Phan

Kate Phan, Entertainment Editor

Kate Phan is in her senior year and this is her second year in West Signals. She is honored to bear the responsibility of the Signals Entertainment Editor. As an avid reader, songwriter, and someone interested in pursuing a career in journalism, she is so excited to write in her final year and has high hopes for what is to come. 

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Boys’ Soccer Takes Home Senior Night Victories

Boys’ Soccer Takes Home Senior Night Victories

Kate Phan, Entertainment Editor March 3, 2023
Amor Jones (12) spent her last prom wearing a pink corset and feathered skirt that she pieced together on her own. Her pearl necklace, gloves, and hair in a braid truly brought the look to elegance. Photo courtesy of Amor Jones (12).

Best Looks at West High’s 2022 Prom

Kate Phan, Entertainment Editor June 2, 2022
Students line up in front of the library at 12:30 p.m. on May 3 for their AP Psychology exam. They awaited check-in with their ID, #2 pencils, and black or blue pens ready! Photo by Kate Phan.

How West High Studied For Their AP Exams

Kate Phan, Entertainment Editor May 12, 2022
Regarding this year’s Earth Day, AP Environmental Science student Kate Amano (11) expressed, “Even though I am just one person on this planet full of 7 billion people, living more eco-friendly has made me feel good about myself and what impact I make on the world.”

Earth Day at West High

Kate Phan, Entertainment Editor May 5, 2022
Chris Matsuoka (11), a candidate for Secretary of Athletics, is hanging up posters for his campaign. As an athlete himself in baseball, Matsuoka hoped to “get as much hype as possible for our student section and to represent all of our athletes,” if he was elected.

Candidates’ Campaigns For ASB

Kate Phan, Entertainment Editor May 3, 2022
With West High Prom less than a month away, ASB members work on preparing the Top 4 baskets for the nominated King, the Queen, the Prince, and the Princess! Apart from their baskets, they also handmade the centerpieces to increase the liveliness of the venue through a glamorous ambience.

Upperclassmen Anticipate Prom 2022

Kate Phan, Entertainment Editor April 30, 2022
The actors playing the Merry Murderesses and Velma Kelly pose in their special lighting for the “Cell Block Tango.”

Chicago’s Late Nights

Kate Phan, Entertainment Editor April 2, 2022
Students from all departments elegantly perform in West High’s 2022 Fine Arts Assembly. With performances from Theater, Drill and All Male, Dance, Color Guard, and more, the assembly was filled with great action and entertainment. Theater member Bella Distasio (11) commented that the assembly is “a great way for new students to learn about programs they might be interested in.”

West High’s Annual Fine Arts Assembly

Kate Phan, Entertainment Editor March 15, 2022
Multicultural Day took place on Friday, February 18, and it was a blast for all those who attended. It was available to classes during 3rd and 4th period, and also during lunch for those that couldnt go during class. The event was all about showing off different cultures, and featured performances from several different cultural clubs on campus, including Japanese Culture Club, Filipino Culture Club, and more.

Celebrating Diversity at West High

Kate Phan, Entertainment Editor March 1, 2022
Pictured proudly with her team, captain Leah Sullivan (12) expressed: “This week at our Street Dance competition
I am super excited to showcase our
routines that weve put so much time and
dedication towards. Im determined that
we will all be satisfied with each our
performances, despite whatever place we
take.” Photo courtesy of @westdrillandallmale via Instagram.

Putting the “W” in WDAAM

Kate Phan, Entertainment Editor February 25, 2022
Though it is typically portrayed as a holiday exclusively for couples, Valentine’s Day is a day that can celebrate love in any form. It is not limited to romanticism, and it can be a tribute to platonic, familial, or even self love. So even if there’s no significant other in the picture, there’s still nothing to be ashamed about when wanting to celebrate Valentine’s Day at your own pace.

West High’s Plans for Valentine’s Day

Kate Phan, Entertainment Editor February 14, 2022
West High Varsity center and forward Cole Jacobs (11) plays against the South Spartans, attempting to contribute to the teams victory. Jacobs has been a key part of the Warrior team this year but never lets the rest of his team go unrecognized. He stated, “The West team is one of the hardest working and most competitive groups I have been a part of.” The Warriors have a bright future ahead for this season and can hopefully bring back a ring to West Torrance.

Athlete of the Week: Cole Jacobs

Kate Phan, Entertainment Editor January 19, 2022
Seen smiling, spirited students carried along shopping carts, baskets, and buckets on Bring Anything But a Backpack Day! It was definitely one of the more entertaining days as students looked all around to see creative items.

A Spirited Farewell Into Winter Break

Kate Phan, Entertainment Editor January 17, 2022
Shown is an example of a negative COVID-19 at home rapid test. One line revealed on the test means results are negative; however, two lines means the patient tested positive for COVID-19.

The Spike in COVID Cases

Kate Phan, Entertainment Editor January 13, 2022
“When I was in line, I had time to eat the rest of my grapes!” Mia Funt (11) exclaimed with a grin; A fun fact adding to what students did besides practicing how to evacuate in case of an emergency.


Kate Phan, Entertainment Editor November 3, 2021
The West Warriors huddle up for one last break, after a tough and hard-fought loss to the Lawndale Cardinals. Varsity safety and receiver Dominick De La Torre (11) expressed, We do as much as possible to motivate each other to get better… whether its with tough love or with relentless positivity.”

The Foundation of Football at West High

Kate Phan, Entertainment Editor November 1, 2021
Misa Cohen’s (11) choreographed dance number “SOS”, was performed by Intermediate dancers. In a show stopping blue top and black bottoms, the jazz piece was upbeat and impressive. In her preparation, Cohen admits, “It was definitely difficult to choose a song I liked but also a song that was easy to choreograph to.” Photo by Kaila Uyemura (12).

Back to Performing: The Fall Dance Showcase!

Kate Phan, Entertainment Editor October 14, 2021
Molly Paulson (11) assists the “For The Kids” Club Rush booth in front of Building 5 where groups of people line up to apply for club membership. Paulson describes the experience: “It was very exciting. I thought it was amazing how many kids signed up for our club.” Photo courtesy of Mia Gibson (11).

West High’s Clubs of 2021-22: For The Kids

Kate Phan, Entertainment Editor October 2, 2021
Designing a model rocket on OpenRocket, President of the Rocketry Club Archit Mishra (12) hopes to inspire other students to “fight gravity.” Rocketry Club is a new club at West High that will compete in the American Rocketry Challenge. Mishra expressed, “If you join Rocketry, it will be one of your best decisions of your high school career.”

West High’s Clubs of 2021-22: Rocketry Club

Kate Phan, Entertainment Editor October 1, 2021
Fiercely spiking the volleyball, opposite Abby Witzansky (11) gives Vistamar’s Girls’ Volleyball team a run for their money. Witzansky is a worthy opponent this volleyball season with 160 kills in 10 games. She said the best part about volleyball is “how fast the game is,” and that she loves “competition and winning.”

Athlete of the Week: Abby Witzansky

Kate Phan, Entertainment Editor September 14, 2021
An early start, freshman students make their way to their first periods in West High’s Building Five, ready for learning. Finding their classes is a breeze after already having a few days of instruction.

Fresh to West

Kate Phan, Entertainment Editor September 4, 2021
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