West High’s Clubs of 2021-22: For The Kids


Molly Paulson (11) assists the “For The Kids” Club Rush booth in front of Building 5 where groups of people line up to apply for club membership. Paulson describes the experience: “It was very exciting. I thought it was amazing how many kids signed up for our club.” Photo courtesy of Mia Gibson (11).

Kate Phan, Entertainment Editor

   IVs, stiff beds, and hospital food — sometimes patients need a little more comfort in these hard times. This year, a new club called “For The Kids” has emerged to provide these comforts. 

   “For The Kids” originated from the experiences of founder and President Jade Leone (11). Leone’s motivation for starting the club came from her time staying in hospitals. She has gone to the Children’s Hospital and Miller’s Children Hospital and noted that she had good experiences at both. While attending numerous wards because of testing and social distancing, she came up with the idea to provide kindness to children in hospitals because testing was quite scary.  She shared how she wanted to help others who faced similar challenges and believed this club would be an outlet for those in need. Leone described the club as one that “makes crafts, donates, and fundraises for children in local hospitals.” 

   Another member of “For The Kids” is Molly Paulson (11) who shared how she is “excited and hopeful to make a difference.”  She spoke brightly about their new club in hopes that it’ll be successful at West and provide a light in others’ lives.

   Leone and the members of the club are looking forward to seeing others who are also interested in joining and helping kids. Hannah Takasaki (9) shared her thoughts as an interested student: “This club is very helpful and beneficial to society. Personally I am interested in this club because it helps kids in need; I’m very excited to join!”  

   On September 15 at Club Rush, the “For The Kids” booth was booming. Board members had grins so big on their faces that you could see it through their masks. They wore matching blue t-shirts in front of Building Five and Paulson never had her hands empty as she kept resupplying sign-up sheets for their table. She would grab a scratch piece of paper, draw columns for the name and email of interested future members, put the paper down for students to fill out, and it would quickly get full as she made another one. After her busy hour, Paulson reported that she “was very excited to start planning the first meeting and get to know all the people who chose the club.”

   The success they had at Club Rush was electric. The founders of “For The Kids” are so excited and proud of what they have been able to accomplish this year. Helping others in need and providing positivity is something that they hold dearly and they are ecstatic that other students want to join them in this amazing cause. 

   The whole board is hoping that their small idea that was formed through distanced precautions during lockdown will spread throughout West High. They are grateful for all members gained during Club Rush and can’t wait to start their journey to helping others. If you or a friend is interested in joining and supporting their cause, follow @forthekidswest for further information.