A Spirited Farewell Into Winter Break


Art/Photo by Roger Ayad

Seen smiling, spirited students carried along shopping carts, baskets, and buckets on Bring Anything But a Backpack Day! It was definitely one of the more entertaining days as students looked all around to see creative items.

Kate Phan, Entertainment Editor

   For the final stretch of 2021, students at West High were welcomed on Monday with an abundance of joy for Spirit Week! Nearing Winter Break, the week of December 13th to the 17th was dedicated to the holiday spirit. 

   West High’s Associated Student Body (ASB) planned the festive week starting with Monday: Snow Day, Tuesday: Ugly Sweater Day, Wednesday: Sleigh Day, Thursday: Family Photo Day, and last but not least, Friday: Cozy Day! 

   With Winter comes snow. Or as Californians, we wish it did. Spirit Week started with Snow Day and students were decked out in all white, like snowflakes making their way throughout campus. Those not dressed in all white wore their snow gear, complete with goggles, snow jackets, and snow pants. Class of 2024’s ASB President Micah Taw (10) wore a white hoodie and white camo pants and noted that, “students started out the week excited,” and “spirit weeks definitely raise school spirit and get people excited and hyped for other days.”

   After a good night’s sleep, students slipped on their best ugly sweaters— a holiday tradition that is guaranteed to produce smiles under masks. Student Aiden Barrett (11) showed off his shiny sweater that featured Santa and Rudolph on it, complete with googly eyes. Barrett commented on Tuesday’s spirit day: “Today was fun and ugly sweater day is easy because everyone has an ugly sweater.”

   Next, one of the most creative and outrageous themes: Sleigh Day, further explained as “anything but a backpack” day. Students brought suitcases, strollers, guitar bags, wagons, and even shopping carts! Participant Taylor Gulbrandson (11), who brought a folding chair and carried her books in it, acknowledged and laughed, “I didn’t realize how wide the chair was and I kept bumping into people.” Sleigh Day was very entertaining and everyone got to see creative ideas of what to bring other than the traditional backpack. It’s safe to say that with the current trend, many TikToks were made.

   Thursday was titled Family Photo Day. On Family Photo Day, friend groups took pictures and enjoyed their ‘twinning moment’. They all dressed similarly to convey the perfect holiday card family portrait. Jessica Sarkisian (11) dressed up with her friends in Drill Team as a “mafia family” in outfits of black. Others wore matching flannels or color coordinated!

   And kicking us off into the much anticipated Winter Break weekend was Cozy Day. Students kept themselves warm in a bundle of sweatpants, hoodies, pajama pants, fuzzy socks, and more! The icy winter weather, spirit, and holiday excitement was an amazing way to finish off the 2021 school year. Now, for 2022!