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The School Newspaper of West High School

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Westley Kim

Westley Kim, Staff Artist

A staff artist for Signals, Westley has a passion for adding depth and understanding to an article via digital art. Now his third year on staff, Westley is a senior who really enjoys drawing, painting, playing Smash, and scrolling through Pinterest.

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West Highs Foods Class cooking competition is a fun and flavorful fight between contestants! A competition for all types of cooking, these skilled chefs showed off all they had learned about their unit on mass-producing food and cooking delicious goods to appease the appetite of other students.

[Art/Photo] Warrior Chef

February 28, 2022
As a month of AP testing continues, students prepare for online exams by taking practice tests. Riyana Roy (10) notes how she plans to study for her AP World History exam: “Since world history is about remembering facts, I’m [going to] use active recall where I ask myself questions about important topics to see if I can remember them. I’ll probably create notes for every unit too, and sort them into various world history themes which would be useful on the DBQ (Document Based Question) portion.”

Conquering AP Anxiety

Westley Kim, Staff Artist May 11, 2021
Allison Tsai (10) in her campaign video, using a fun intro that took advantage of the popular song “Drivers License” by Olivia Rodrigo, and related the song to student experiences. After her win, she said, “Knowing that I would be able to do something I loved next year was the most amazing feeling!” Her passion for the job is definitely likely to make her a great leader.

Election Day at West

Westley Kim, Staff Artist April 23, 2021
Greeted by the enthusiastic beats of drumline, students walk back onto campus for the first time in a long time.

Change in the Air as Students Prepare

Westley Kim, Staff Artist March 29, 2021
Planning a trip to Zion National Park was a good choice because Ellie Song was able to keep her spring break vacation time, even without the accompaniment of her school friends. She explained that “Quarantine essentially affects our spring break in the same way it affects other parts of our lives; we can’t just meet people if we don’t want to, and we have to be much more cautious.” Even with COVID-19 restrictions being loosened, it is always a good idea to be considerate of those around us.

Spring Break in Quarantine

Westley Kim, Staff Artist March 25, 2021
   An image describing the shift in GME’s stock values over the course of recent history. The values rose dramatically at around the end of December and beginning of January, and peaked at $483. The values then dropped to where they are now, at $49.51.

GameStop’s Stock Surge

Westley Kim, Staff Artist February 26, 2021
With an abundance of time on peoples hands during lockdown, many turn to new hobbies and self-care routines like reading, baking, or simply napping to keep themselves occupied during such uncertain times.

The Bright Side of Quarantine

Westley Kim, Staff Artist January 23, 2021

The Importance of Vaccination

Westley Kim, Staff Artist January 18, 2021

Diversity in Media and Why it Matters

Westley Kim, Staff Artist January 11, 2021
As COVID-19 cases begin to rise in Los Angeles County following major holidays, stricter regulations are being implemented. Residents of LA County are being further encouraged to continue social distancing and mask-wearing to keep safe.

LA County Tightens COVID-19 Restrictions

Westley Kim, Staff Artist December 29, 2020

Torrance Man Charged with Hate Crime

Westley Kim, Staff Artist November 20, 2020
A good example of how to celebrate during the pandemic: an outdoor and socially distanced party with friends.

A Safe Celebration

Westley Kim, Staff Artist October 16, 2020
Pictured are members of SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) holding up a poster encouraging students to join during Club Rush last year. This year even with a virtual Club Rush, board members were able to connect with their members through posting and creating videos to promote their clubs.

Club Connection

Westley Kim, Staff Artist October 7, 2020
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