Election Day at West


Art/Photo by West High ASB Instagram

Allison Tsai (10) in her campaign video, using a fun intro that took advantage of the popular song “Drivers License” by Olivia Rodrigo, and related the song to student experiences. After her win, she said, “Knowing that I would be able to do something I loved next year was the most amazing feeling!” Her passion for the job is definitely likely to make her a great leader.

Westley Kim, Staff Artist

   Everyone at West has been waiting with bated breath for the release of next year’s ASB government. The results of the election were posted to the ASB Instagram on April 16, and the exciting changes planned by these students are definitely something to look forward to.

   Allison Tsai (10) was elected as the Junior President. Her campaign video promised to keep the connection alive between students throughout the school by using digital social events, like a class lip sync and virtual rallys. She was extremely excited to be joining ASB next year because of both the events she’s planning and her personal connection to ASB, explaining, “[ASB] has become almost a family to me. I love being able to help make school more fun rather than stressful.” Tsai also emphasized how she felt during her campaign. “It was insanely stressful! There was a constant thought lingering in the back of my mind the entire time!” Another challenge she faced were the emails that she sent out and received from others for help to support her campaign. She said that “Over the years I have sent emails to people advertising my campaign, and occasionally I receive ones on the more insensitive side. This is something that has been difficult to overcome, but I think it benefitted me overall.” Her hard work and perseverance definitely paid off through her victory this year.

   When she won, Tsai felt “extremely excited, surprised, and relieved. A mix of emotions really!” Even though she experienced a lot of self-doubt during her campaign, she pushed through and saw the light at the end of the tunnel. 

   Similarly, Micah Taw (9) also won the place of Sophomore President. When he was running, he thought that “the most important part of running for ASB is the campaign. It takes a lot of time to create your campaign video and posters that are advertised throughout the week.” A large part of Taw’s motivation was to build connections with other students at West. “I served as ASB’s Freshman Co-President this school year, and I had an amazing experience getting to know new people from all grade levels, plan exciting school events, and participate in spirit weeks and rallies!” He explained that his interest in becoming Sophomore President was because he wanted to “continue my leadership in our school and make more high school memories for our Class of 2024.” Taw’s want to become Sophomore President was strong, and it made his hard work worth the while.

   The battle for the leadership roles in ASB is over, and thanks to hard work and dedication, the triumphant students have promised to be good leaders for their classes. They want to keep things interesting and make school a more welcoming and inviting environment overall.