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Cyrilla Zhang

Cyrilla Zhang, Sports Editor

Cyrilla Zhang is a junior at West High and spending her second year on West Signals as Sports Editor. She loves meeting new people and sharing their stories. This year, she aspires to help write invigorating stories that both entertain and inform students at West. When not busy with school and other responsibilities she can be found obsessing over Mary Oliver or taking afternoon naps.

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Students wave their flashlights in time with music to show support for the Football Team at West High’s first football game.

Welcome to the WARRZONE

Cyrilla Zhang, Sports Editor November 1, 2022
As the sun moves across the sky, many intense games take place all at once on the tennis courts. In their game against Beverly Hills, many of West High’s athletes had difficult matchups against players much more experienced than they were: “Yes, I was nervous! They were 6-foot-3” and wore Air Force Ones,” sighed Shoaib Hasnain (10).

League Game Win For Boys’ Tennis

Cyrilla Zhang, Sports Editor March 16, 2022
West Highs Foods Class cooking competition is a fun and flavorful fight between contestants! A competition for all types of cooking, these skilled chefs showed off all they had learned about their unit on mass-producing food and cooking delicious goods to appease the appetite of other students.

Warrior Chef

Cyrilla Zhang, Sports Editor February 28, 2022
In the middle of a fierce match, West High Games Club members compete against each other in a chess tournament hosted on February 4, 2022 after school. All skill levels were welcome and winners received gift cards to Target. Tournament participant Elizabeth Kim (10) shared that “when I heard there was a chess tournament I was like – woah! And it just seemed like a fun after-school thing.”


Cyrilla Zhang, Sports Editor February 15, 2022
After being handed out for free, students in Torrance were advised to take self-tests and report their results to the district. In an email update sent out to all parents and students, they explained that the purpose of this was so they could “have an idea of where we are as a school community at present.” Courtesy of The Hour.

Omicron Cases Continue to Rise

Cyrilla Zhang, Sports Editor February 1, 2022
Butting heads, wrestlers Michael Barretto (12) and David Lee (12) practice their skills. They have prepared hard to win their competitions and have a successful season!

West High’s Winter Sports!

Cyrilla Zhang, Sports Editor December 10, 2021
Designer and Artist Peter Cepeda (12) showcases his hand-painted shirt and tote bag. Cepeda has designed and painted many pieces of clothing, art, bags, and other accessories for many years. He has come across many great opportunities to grow and even started selling his clothing to showrooms. “I feel like I need to go farther, do more and reach more every time I accomplish something,” remarked Cepeda.

Senior Spotlight: Peter Cepeda

Cyrilla Zhang, Sports Editor November 20, 2021
The freshman of Group 29 at Warrior Welcome sit down with their Warrior Focus leaders to get a picture for a photo scavenger hunt. Group 29 is named the “Lilo & Stitch” family. Lots of work was put into Warrior Welcome to pull it off successfully. Photo courtesy of Claire Perry (11).

Warrior Focus: Two Clubs Combined

Cyrilla Zhang, Sports Editor September 24, 2021
Students make their way through the gates of West High School on their first day of class, wearing masks and presenting their cleared COVID-19 screeners. Photo courtesy of Gaby Nieraeth (11).

Teachers Help Reopen West High

Cyrilla Zhang, Sports Editor September 8, 2021
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