Senior Spotlight: Peter Cepeda


Art/Photo by Christopher Huston

Designer and Artist Peter Cepeda (12) showcases his hand-painted shirt and tote bag. Cepeda has designed and painted many pieces of clothing, art, bags, and other accessories for many years. He has come across many great opportunities to grow and even started selling his clothing to showrooms. “I feel like I need to go farther, do more and reach more every time I accomplish something,” remarked Cepeda.

Cyrilla Zhang, Editor-in-Chief

   Carefully laying down a final brush stroke, Peter Cepeda (12) completes his current project. The clean lines throughout and iconic characters are trademarks of his work. Another piece finished! But instead of painting on canvases like most traditional artists, he chooses to use something a little more unconventional: clothes.

   Cepeda drew his entire life, but it all started around sixth or seventh grade when he first got into painting. Around that time he started to enjoy fashion with his sister, as well — both interests would continue to develop as he got older. One day, about a year and a half ago he reached a low point in creativity when painting. As he recalled, “[my] mom was going through my dad’s closet – there was so much he didn’t even wear… most of them didn’t really fit me so I was like, I might as well paint it.” This way, he could combine both his love for fashion and art and create something amazing. 

   At first Cepeda only painted clothes as a fun pastime, but as time went on he pursued this art form more and more. One thing led to another, and eventually people began to buy these pieces of art to wear for themselves.

   Nowadays, Cepeda has two main ways of selling his clothes: either by taking commissions, or mailing them out to a store called the Bowery Showroom across the coast in New York. Most of his clothes go out to the showroom. The first time he was featured, Cepeda was able to fly out to New York to bring his clothing over. This summer he went back with a friend, taking more pieces with him and getting to meet the owner. “They’re really involved in the community there,” he explained. Flying out this time also allowed him to experience the showroom and meet new people. Cepeda’s art has grown incredibly in less than two years, and it is exciting to see where he may go next!

   Just like many other seniors Cepeda has mixed feelings about graduating. “I’m very excited to graduate and get on with my life, but at the same time there’s that sadness and mystery of what I’m going to do,” he explained. We send him the best of luck as he graduates with the class of 2022!