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The School Newspaper of West High School

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The School Newspaper of West High School

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Unhealthy Parenting? Move Out.

Andrea Gomez, Staff Writer June 12, 2018

  Many kids grow up thinking how they were raised was the standard. Parents are supposed to be strict, right? They are supposed to disagree with every decision  and make you feel like a failure, right?   As much as this is normalized, noticing...

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Emily Partida (12)

Senior Spotlight: Sarah Geltz

Danielle Perea, Co-Editor-in-Chief February 20, 2018

  Sarah Geltz (12) is a student who loves musical theatre here at West. I interviewed her about her passion for acting and theatre.   Q: Are you considering pursuing theatre as a career?   A: Yes. Theatre is actually one of my...

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Courtesy of Genius

A Rainbow After Every Storm

Jamie Park, Staff Writer January 18, 2018

  On January 11, Kali Uchis introduced her new single “After the Storm,” featuring Bootsy Collins and Tyler, The Creator.   Her collaboration with Collins and Creator was no accident. After revealing her wanting to work with Collins in her...

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New Line/ Everett Collection

Lord of the Rings to TV Show

Anoushka Gupta, Sports Editor November 20, 2017

  Amazon has recently stated its plans to produce a television show based on the novel and mega-blockbuster movie series Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkien.   The move comes after Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, a self-professed high-fantasy fan, stated...

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Dua Lipa’s Rising Popularity

Anna Kim, Co-Editor in Chief November 20, 2017

    Dua Lipa—an English singer and songwriter—has gained recognition with the release of her recent debut studio album titled Dua Lipa. Lipa’s success received positive responses from critics as she sold more than 16,000 copies during...

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Lil Peep Will Rest in Peace

Andrea Gomez, Staff Writer November 18, 2017

  On Wednesday, 8:50 P.M., Gustav Ahr—better known by his rapper name, Lil Peep—was found dead on his tour bus due to a possible drug overdose.   According to TMZ, the 21 year old was supposed to perform at a club in Tuscon, Arizona called...

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Courtesy of Netflix

Stranger Things Is Back

Jeff Grundy, News Editor November 2, 2017

  On Friday, October 27, our dreams were fulfilled: Netflix’s hit show, Stranger Things, finally returned for Season Two. Stranger Things, created by Matt and Ross Duffer, instantly became popular within its first 35 days of streaming, reaching 14.07...

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Trapped In a Dream, Not Asleep

Andrea Gomez, Staff Writer October 25, 2017

  Have you ever felt as if there was something wrong with you and your surroundings? Something that you could not describe but maybe just brushed off? Well some cannot seem to brush it off, and that is called Depersonalization-derealization (DPDR)....

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A Pastel Winter With Tyler, The Creator

Haley Guinn, Co-Editor in Chief October 20, 2017

  American rapper, Tyler, the Creator released his 2017 Fall/Winter clothing collection in the Golf Wang store this past weekend on October 14. Upon the release, the collection was sold out, bringing retro vibes and pastel colors to the colder season....

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Savannah Starr / Something Beautiful

Something New, Something Beautiful

Jamie Park, Staff Writer October 1, 2017

  Not only is it a new school year for the students but also for the club called Something Beautiful. Something Beautiful is a Christian club founded by Savannah Starr (10). They will meet every Tuesday in IH-05 for bible study.   The bible study...

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Christine Nguyen / Smoke Signals

CREATE Joins West

Christine Nguyen, Co-Editor-in-Chief September 26, 2017

  There are numerous clubs that are offered at West. CREATE is a new club that promotes various cultures around the world and is run by club president, Miwa Mayemura (12). Meetings are every other Monday in room 4221.   Mayemura created CREATE...

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