Something New, Something Beautiful


Savannah Starr / Something Beautiful

Jamie Park, Staff Writer

  Not only is it a new school year for the students but also for the club called Something Beautiful. Something Beautiful is a Christian club founded by Savannah Starr (10). They will meet every Tuesday in IH-05 for bible study.

  The bible study focuses on the New Testament, exploring the evidence of Jesus Christ. This club was created due to Starr’s love of talking about the bible.She said, “I love what I get to talk about– so getting to spend a lunch period every week discussing the Bible with at least a few other people sounded amazing!”

  During the first couple months, Something Beautiful will be concentrating on a book titled The Case for Christ by Mr. Lee Strobel. Starr explained The Case for Christ “is a dual perspective novel that attempts to unbiasedly present the evidence of Christ.”

  The fine line between Something Beautiful and other clubs is this club solely focuses on discovering Jesus Christ.

 Alicea Hernandez (10) is planning to join the club and is looking forward to the meeting next Tuesday. She said, “I wanted to be apart of Something Beautiful because it’s comfortable … It will give students a place at school to be honest and vulnerable and open about their faith.”

    Currently the club is inactive because it hasn’t had its first meeting yet. The number of people in this club is also unknown, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from joining the club. They are always welcoming new people that are ready to renew their faith.

  This club will mainly answer questions about Jesus Christ. Don’t miss out on the first meeting on October 3rd at IH-05.