A Pastel Winter With Tyler, The Creator

Haley Guinn, Co-Editor in Chief

  American rapper, Tyler, the Creator released his 2017 Fall/Winter clothing collection in the Golf Wang store this past weekend on October 14. Upon the release, the collection was sold out, bringing retro vibes and pastel colors to the colder season.

  This collection combines vintage prints and colors with modern styles all bearing the ‘Golf’ logo. The variety of the collection ranges from a multi-colored, retro tracksuit to a light blue striped pullover. Also included are pastel-colored t-shirts, patterned suits, colorful jackets, and many more eccentric outfit pieces.

  The simplicity yet uniqueness of the clothing is what caught the eyes of many, including Jack Hogse (12). He said, “It has been a really long time since any new clothing has come out so I’m really excited that they have finally started production back up again. I will admit [that] it is an acquired taste, but it is definitely unlike a lot of stuff out there right now. I’d wear it any day.”

  Along with the release of the clothing collection, Tyler partnered up with Converse and unveiled the new GOLF le FLEUR sneaker collection. Instead of the normal canvas that Converse uses to make their sneakers, Tyler’s uses suede. He also replaced the star with a simple flower design. The shoes come in three different colors: “Jolly Green”, “Solar Power” and “Vanilla.”

  GOLF le FLEUR also released Tyler and Converse apparel, which included hoodies, t-shirts, bomber jackets and bucket hats.

  The GOLF le FLEUR sneakers and apparel will be available on the Converse web store starting November 2. To browse the Fall/Winter collection, take a look at the Golf Wang website.The website promotes not only the new collection, but also other basic Golf wear available for purchase.