CREATE Joins West


Christine Nguyen / Smoke Signals

Christine Nguyen, Co-Editor-in-Chief

  There are numerous clubs that are offered at West. CREATE is a new club that promotes various cultures around the world and is run by club president, Miwa Mayemura (12). Meetings are every other Monday in room 4221.

  Mayemura created CREATE because she felt that West “was lacking a multicultural club here to begin with. I wanted to bring in a cultural arts perspective.” She looks forward to this new multicultural chapter at West and seeing so many new people connect and interact with each other. Mayemura also added that she is “looking forward to being able to see people unleashing their artistic and creative sides, who some might never even knew they had.”

  Being informed about the club, Jake Herrera (9) noted that this club might be, “a real eye opener for the general population of West because they’d learn how every culture is unique in their own way”.

  With 9 board members, the club is sponsored by Ms. Cortina. Meetings will include the club board members announcing important events going on throughout the week, a presentation on culture, art forms or relevant topics pertaining to it, and lastly, there will be signups for volunteering events with some cultural arts organizations/non-profits.

  Alicia Koh (10) expresses her perspective on CREATE’s vision, “other cultures help us become more tolerant people, and it’s very important to be open-minded and accepting in today’s society.”

  So come join a club that celebrates your creativity and diversity!