Dua Lipa’s Rising Popularity


Courtesy of Official Charts

Anna Kim, Co-Editor in Chief


  Dua Lipa—an English singer and songwriter—has gained recognition with the release of her recent debut studio album titled Dua Lipa. Lipa’s success received positive responses from critics as she sold more than 16,000 copies during the first week of its release, entering the top 40 in the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

  While the album was released this year in June, preparation began in 2015. Recording all the songs was a two year process. Although the album was supposed to be released in 2016, the release was pushed back with the addition of more songs.

  Lipa reported to Digital Spy, “I want people to see a piece of me. I want people to have an insight into everything that [has] happened over the last few years while I was writing the album and actually really get to know me.”

  A fan of Lipa, Rishika Chandrupatla (11) said, “Her album is very fun to listen to because the songs are very upbeat. Dua Lipa is for sure one of the best rising stars of 2017.”

  Her songs “New One” and “Be the One” charted high on music chart; however, “New Rules” became the singer’s anthem making her a spotlight in the music industry. The smash-hit was her sixth single on her second studio album. The song became number one in the UK and first by a solo female artist in almost two years. The music video offered a variety of color schemes and a mix of choreography, which is what Lipa claims made it successful.

  As a supporter of Lipa’s music, Danica Liau (11), said, “‘New Rules’ channels female empowerment. I could definitely feel a combination emotions within the lyrics.”

  According to Billboard, with the success of the song, it has made Lipa want to work on new music and a new album.


  Go Moxie is a music service program that brings music, such as concerts, to schools. They have recently announced their collaboration with Lipa. She has teamed up with MOXIE for a writing-art-video contest based off her song, “New Rules.” Contestants can make videos, lip syncs, essays, etc.

  Interested participants in winning a Dua Lipa gift bag, make sure to enter anywhere from November 10 through December 18 by submitting at [email protected]