Skincare in Quarantine

Amanda Peck

   During these stressful times under worldwide lockdowns, many people have found lots of free time on their hands. To combat the stressors of the new normal, many individuals have found solace in the rituals of skincare. 

   Skincare is one of the most common forms of self-care and a way to destress as well as brighten, tone, and clear the skin. Oftentimes products are made with relaxation in mind; they are paired with calming fragrances in order to bring an atmosphere of zen into daily life.

   Taylor Fjellstrom (12) has upped her skincare game during the quarantine. Typically she does the basics; face wash, toner, moisturizer. Fjellstrom says that she now actively pampers her skin because “I have time and it’s something to do; it makes me feel normal again.” Skincare is a luxury and privilege to some people, so the act of treating oneself by “doing face masks,” says Fjellstrom, makes the world feel like things might just be okay.

   Not only is skincare a way back to feeling normal, it is a great way to decompress after a long day. El Camino student Alessia D’Eusebio takes care of her skin by means of luxurious baths. “Now that I have more time I set up candles and a diffuser to create a calming atmosphere. I also love adding bath bombs to the water.” D’Eusebio is currently in the throes of her anatomy class and explains how she “can never catch a break. Spending an hour in the bath with Netflix on and a snack helps to rejuvenate me and my energy.” 

   In times such as these it is very important to take care of oneself. Being mindful and monitoring stress levels is what will get people through this uncharted terrain of quarantine. In an Allure article, Nicola Dall’asen explains how “even if it’s hard right now, sticking to a beauty routine does help me feel more normal …  That’s why I’ve started keeping a beauty schedule so I know exactly when I need to put on a face mask, groom my eyebrows, or even tend to my body hair…  so I can keep track of what day it is or how much time has passed.” Keeping set routines, rituals, and schedules is a healthy way to cope with these extraordinary times we all are facing. Not only is skincare a way to keep a routine, it keeps people feeling their best in a time where such mundane things may help to keep us afloat.