The Haunted Maze

Tiffany Chen, Staff Writer

Last Friday, West High’s Dance Department held their annual haunted maze with many scares from zombies and prisoners.

  The maze was designed by Ms. Vorhis’ beginner, intermediate, and advanced dance classes. The decorations, performances, and costumes were all prepared by the students with the help of some parents.

  Brittney Sanchez (12) said, “The Halloween maze is always something I look forward too. I think it’s a great tradition that lets everybody have fun and helps the dance department raise money.”

  The maze started off in the locker rooms, which were filled with balloons. It continued with zombified students trudging throughout the room.

  Yeojin Lee (11) said, “When I walked in, there were two girls who scared me. I later found out that it was one of my friends but she was completely unrecognizable.”

  Following the zombie portion of the maze, dancers dressed as prisoners came out from the shadows to give chills down students’ backs. Dominique Dungca (11) recalled when she was in the prison section and said, “As I would walk past [the prisoners], they would slowly walk towards me, but then all of a sudden they would begin to jump after me. It was like a professional haunted maze at West.”

  With success at scaring people, Esther Lee (12), who dressed up as a crazy girl, said, “I’m really happy with the amount of people who came. Being a part of this and scaring people makes Halloween better for me.”

  Don’t worry if you missed out on this year’s haunted maze, you can always check it out next year! Stay spooky.