Senior Panorama: A Day to Remember


An example of a slogan from last year.

Misha Hashemi, Writer

   Not only did the senior panorama photo make a great memory to look back upon in the yearbook, but it was also an opportunity for twelfth graders to embrace their creative side. On College Day, which took place on Wednesday, October 30, the entire senior class took a photo together. It is not uncommon for students to spell out phrases using their t-shirts (slogans) standing next to one another on this day, such as “finally” or “lol”. It tends to be a very exciting event to see the finished product.

   Having looked forward to it, Kiran Abayaratna (12) stated, “I’m excited. I feel like it is finally my chance to assume my position as a senior, high school student. It’s really like a coming of age for me.” 

   Natsuki Yamaguchi (12) agreed. She said, “I’m excited for the senior panoramic. Over the years I’ve seen other seniors do it, so I’m glad we finally get to do it. I think the idea of doing slogans is a great way to get seniors excited about the panoramic and a fun way to show off inside jokes we have with friends. I’m excited to see other people’s slogans and just be around my friends.” Her slogan was “FUN”, a nod to the “F.U.N. Song” from a nostalgic show many have watched during their childhood: Spongebob Squarepants. 

   But what the senior panoramic is not, is an excuse for students to be inappropriate. Thus, slogans were to be pre-approved by ASB. There was an online form to be filled out before Monday, October 28 by anyone planning on doing one. They were required to not have any dual or dirty meanings, and be in English.

   This day created a physical reminder of the 2020 senior class at West High for years to come. Keep an eye out for the panorama picture in this year’s yearbook!