(Fresh)man Focus


A Freshman Focus Meeting

Ethan Verderber, Writer

There’s an average of 513 people in each grade at West High. 512.5, if we’re exact  — don’t ask what happened to that half a student. Freshman Focus is responsible for making that many people feel at home in a new school with the new-age wonder of staircases.

   This year, the previous sponsor, Mrs. Elwood, had to step away. Given her responsibilities as the only teacher for AP Literature, there was a lot on her plate. 

   Now, the club is in the hands of Mr. Patel. He’s been well-received by the team and enjoys serving as their advisor. He says, “I am learning a lot from [the students] and I am grateful we can help the freshmen class with our presentations.” 

   And help they do indeed. Warrior Welcome is one of the groups’ premier events, and they go full out every year. Mrs. Elwood reports they’re ready to accommodate 400 freshmen. Picture it — all that chaotic energy in one function, and they can handle it. 

   During the year, Freshman Focus provides further support by taking visits to Health Classes and giving presentations to the freshmen classes. With more students opting to take Health online or during the summer, FF President and WDAAM Co-Captain Kaitlyn Esperon (12) expects the structure of the club to change, stating, “We have two less [health] classes this year than last year. As of now, the way our club is conducted has not changed, but next year we anticipate our structure to shift slightly.” They’re considering offering workshops to reach more freshmen. 

   So, if you’re looking to get some more extracurriculars on your transcript, and help freshmen adapt to high school life at the same time, Freshman Focus might be the club for you.