Budding Artists: Art Club


Courtesy of Katie Ishioka

Vibhash Devanathan, Staff Writer

  For many of West High’s young budding artists, Art Club is a place for them to talk and relax with their fellow artists. It’s also a place for them to work together on bigger projects outside of the normal class setting. 

   This creative haven is headed by Katie Ishioka (12) She has been part of the club since she was a freshman and has been Co-President since she was a junior. Ishioka has headed the creation of things like T-shirts and commemorative landmarks in the Art Club’s history like it’s mascot! Underclassman Taylor Connie Masaoka (10) remarked that Ishioka has, “made art club really fun.”

   A big thing for those who’ve been in art club for the last year and something that Ishioka said she wanted to continue was the creation of stickers for specific occasions, like Halloween and Christmas! Indeed the theme of this year seems to be things that can be enjoyed even by members of other clubs. In Ishioka’s own words, she’s “got some collabs lined up that we hope will happen soon! Of course, we want to make more stickers and other things that both club members and non-club members can enjoy, look out for those too!”

   As for the individual members, Art Club serves as a place for them to both just draw for fun and also hone their art skills through workshops and activities run by the board. Most of these activities are done in pairs and groups to help strengthen the bond between members of the same club.

   One of the great things about Art Club is how open they are. Anyone can join, all they have to do is go to room 8100 during lunch on a Thursday and be ready to bring out their creative side!