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The School Newspaper of West High School

West Signals

The School Newspaper of West High School

West Signals

Hannah Vickers

Hannah Vickers, Staff Writer

Hannah Vickers has been going to West High for two years, currently running on her third year as a junior in 2020. She loves writing, thoughtfully weaving stories and words together at every turn. Signals is a new challenge of discovery, and she’s eager to take on the rigors of being a staff writer. Hannah has a wide vocabulary, a love for puzzles, horror movies, bunnies, and spending time with friends. She’s always open to making a new friend or lending a helping hand.

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Plants have so much to offer. Not only do they purify the air and look amazing, like this zebra succulent, but they can also help improve your mood.

The Joys of Plant Parenting

Hannah Vickers, Staff Writer January 19, 2021
Vaccines for COVID are something to be hopeful about in the future. There is both a bright side and a side of uncertainty. It is a mystery whether or not distributing the vaccines will guarantee a return to normalcy.

New Year, New Vaccine!

Hannah Vickers, Staff Writer January 14, 2021
Takenaka (12), Shaw (12), and Ho (12) gather through Zoom to explain their aspirations for the year and the journeys they’ve taken in ASB. “My journey in ASB is to just grow as a person and learn whatever I can from everyone else around me...and just helping our school be as exciting as we can during these serious times,” Takenaka said.

Catching Up with ASB Seniors

Hannah Vickers, Staff Writer November 20, 2020
Back in the day, video games were known as isolated activities. Since people are restricted by quarantine nowadays and unable to hang out in person, video games are a popular means of connection. “I think it’s pretty nice, because we’re at each others throats when we’re on different teams...and when we’re on the same team, we cooperate massively” Kasuno (10) commented.

The Keys To Gaming Other Than WASD

Hannah Vickers, Staff Writer November 10, 2020
The year typically culminates in Korean Culture Night, which includes a traditional Korean fan dance called 부채춤 (pronounced “Buchaechum”). Hopefully Korean Culture Night can happen this year!

Club Feature: Korean Culture Club

Hannah Vickers, Staff Writer October 16, 2020
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