Winter Break Craze

Zirwa Kainat, Staff Writer

The week right before break starts can be a little hectic because of all the homework, labs, tests, and projects. But do not forget that Winter Break is just a blink away. The break is a time to open up presents, spend time with family, go on vacation, sleep in late, or just relax. For two weeks, students are free from worrying about cramming for a test or when a project is due. Some students enjoy doing nothing and sleeping in late while others go on trips or have fun.
Several students at West High are going to simply hang out while others are complaining about all the homework they will get. Jay Totlani (10) explains, “[I will be] going to Big Bear, studying, and doing all my Christmas homework!” Students cannot escape the grasp of certain assignments which will be needed to be completed; best done before than after.
On the other hand, there are students in between who will be doing exciting things and being studious. One such student is Clara Chin (9) who comments, “I have family who will be visiting from New York and one cousin who will be coming from college. I still have homework and different classes I have to study for.” There are students who will have family reunions and enjoy celebrating the holidays together. Chin explains how her family will have a “potluck dinner, where different families bring different meals for a Christmas dinner and then I have a Piano Holiday Party.”
There are a lot of students who just like to let loose and have fun over their winter break, like our very own Dhanu Prathap (12). She happens to be doing major traveling and shopping when she goes to Las Vegas in the freezing weather. Prathap says, “I will be visiting friends at Vegas, watching the Christmas spirit, eating Christmas dinner at Euae Excalibur Hotel, and the best part of all shopping at the mall.” Whether you are at home sleeping, spending time with family, doing homework, or hitting up the malls in Vegas; it is refreshing to take a break from school life and have a bit of winter break craze.