In The Wake of COVID-19, Torrance Food Bank Offers Support

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Misha Hashemi, Writer

   On April 13, the Nova Community Church and Saddleback Church South Bay hosted their first pop-up drive-thru food bank. The event took place at Nova Community Church’s parking lot in Torrance. 

   The Church organized the event due to the mass unemployment and closure of non-essential businesses because of the quarantine measures set in response to the spread of the COVID-19, or the Coronavirus. As a result, many of those who were already struggling financially are left in need of essential resources such as food and as of April 16, more than 22 million Americans filed for unemployment aid.    

   Saddleback Church South Bay’s pastor John Anderson came up with the idea to host a food bank, stating, “We’ve had a couple of people cry—they’ve been so thankful for what we’re doing. A lot of people want prayer at the end. We’re giving them faith over fear to help encourage them, inspire them, and let them know there is hope.”

   Cardboard boxes of food such as peanut butter, bread, eggs, and fresh fruit were given to those who drove through the parking lot by about 15 mask-donned volunteers. The event proved incredibly popular, with more food being needed within only 45 minutes.

   Torrance resident and West High senior Kiran Abayaratna (12) thinks that “it’s a sweet gesture from the church [to] those who needed help. A lot of churches have been criticized in recent times for holding mass and bringing people into close contact but this church is doing what’s right to both help its community and maintain a safe environment during the pandemic.” 

   Their next event is scheduled for May 11 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Nova Community Church (4345 Emerald Street). No registration is required.