Welcome Back Mrs. Sprague

Zirwa Kainat, Staff Writer

  Going away is difficult but coming back is tougher. One such teacher that had to learn this was Mrs. Sprague. Previously, Sprague taught English 3 Honors and Thanatology but now she teaches English 3 AP and English 1. Mrs. Sprague spoke on her work when she left West for two years; “I worked at the district office and I was coaching middle school teachers in the teaching of writing to make lessons more challenging.”

Lecturing about subjects that a teacher has never taught before is tough. When asked about how she feels towards working at West again, she stated, “It’s all different from what I taught before. All the classes are new for me this year and now I’m working with students, before I was working with teachers.” Even though Mrs. Sprague is new this year and getting used to class sizes and interacting with students since there have been several of changes in two years, she still manages to make students content. Priyanka Das (11), a student from her English AP class remarked, “Mrs. Sprague is doing well and I am learning how to improve my writing in her class. I am impressed on how well she teaches in English AP.” Mrs. Sprague also added on what she enjoys best about her lessons and work, “There are always surprises. A same lesson works for one class in a different way for another. It’s a dynamic process!” She enjoys the way the lectures rotate and students have different comments on the same points.

Students are not the only ones excited for Mrs. Sprague’s return. Fellow English teacher, Mr. Evans commented, “[Mrs. Sprague] brings a wealth of experience and skill to our school.  The expertise she gained over the last two years, studying curriculum and teaching other teachers, will be of great benefit to us.  I’m excited for the benefit students will receive from her – she’s an amazing teacher of writing”

Being an English teacher, it is difficult to have a favorite book; there was no shock when this was the hardest for her to answer. She laughed and commented, “My favorite book to read with students is Beloved by Toni Morrison, my favorite mystery series is by Maisie Dobbs, and my favorite writer is Aimee Bender; she writes short stories and novels but I love all of her stuff.” Of course these are only a few books and writers she likes. There are several more she can list off. Mrs. Sprague is a dedicated teacher; we are glad to have her back at West and wish her the best of luck.