Giving Thanks for Thanksgiving

Hamzah Sami, Staff Writer

   While many students indulge in the comforts of a five-day school break; they also await a feast on Thanksgiving. Some attractions of this holiday include watching professional football games, running the Turkey Trot, or cutting the turkey at the dinner table; some use this day to pay thanks for the things they have been given in life. Because of this custom, some students  acknowledged that there was much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.
   Nigel Antony (11) stated that he was most thankful for his family and joked that on Thanksgiving, “it is a great day to eat some good food.” He also added that “many members of my family are all located close to one another so we can all celebrate together happily.” Surely having family and friends on this special day will allow Antony to enjoy the comforts of Thanksgiving like he has before.
   Josh Chang (11) on the other hand joked that he was thankful for “having something to be thankful for in the first place.” Nevertheless, he stated that “[Thanksgiving] is the one day where family and friends can gather [together] to [meet one another] and [to enjoy] eating [great food].” This is a fact since during this holiday, several people visit from other parts of the United States or even from different countries to take part in festivities.
   Despite not being as famous as Christmas, Thanksgiving is merely another holiday for both family and friends to enjoy. In addition it allows people to think what they are most thankful for in their life and celebrate these necessities and hope they last. While many students reflect on these moments, they will also look forward to a luxurious weekend and wait in eagerness for the coming winter break in December and January as well as the celebrations of not only Christmas but the New Year as well.