The Beatles: Rock Band

Jennifer Welch, Staff Writer

   On September 9th Harmonix Music Systems released a new music video game called The Beatles: Rock Band, featuring forty-five of the Beatles favorite songs. The game was unveiled at a private party on the roof of the Standard Hotel in L.A.  The party began at nine p.m., and demonstrated ten of the forty-five songs that The Beatles: Rock Band features.  These songs include “Twist and Shout”, “Taxman ”, “Get Back” , “I Want to Hold Your Hand”, “I Saw Her Standing There”, “Here Comes the Sun”, “Hello Goodbye”, and “All You Need is Love”.  More songs may come later as Harmonix plans to modify the game in years to come.

   The purpose of The Beatles: Rock Band is to score the most points by playing the correct note when using the lead or bass guitar, singing the correct pitch as the lead singer, or hitting the correct drum piece when playing the drums. Similar to past versions of Rock Band, this game is played with almost all current instrument-controllers:  lead guitar, bass guitar, lead singer, and drums. 

   As harmony was an important quality for the Beatles, this game offers a new feature: players will be able to sing a three-part harmony. This will only serve to increase scores, as creating the perfect harmony only adds points to a score, and incorrect harmonies do not deduct points.  Songs are available for downloading, and all profits for the song “All You Need is Love” will go to the charity Doctors Without Borders—which aids people in over sixty countries. 

   Surely, for those who enjoy creating music, the new Rock Band will not be a disappointment.