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The School Newspaper of West High School

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The School Newspaper of West High School

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A New Teacher Brings New Excitement

A New Teacher Brings New Excitement

Rebecca Yan, Entertainment & Spotlight Editor October 17, 2019

   With a new school year, comes brand new teachers. Ms. Ho, the new precalculus teacher describes the transition of adjusting to  a new school, and her interests in teaching.   Q: What subjects do you teach? A: I teach Precalculus and...

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Isle Of The Dogs Offers a New Dystopian World

April 11, 2018

  Stop motion film Isle of the Dogs was set for a wide release on April 6, 2018. The film was directed and written by Wes Anderson with production by Indian Paintbrush and Anderson’s own company, American Empirical Pictures.   Set in a dystopian...

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On My Block, In My Heart

Haley Guinn, Co-Editor in Chief April 10, 2018

  On March 16, Netflix released a new show, On My Block: a comedic, coming of age series about four best friends braving their first year of high school--and all the drama that can possibly come with it. While the story may sound generic, it sets itself...

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In Distress? De-stress!

Jamie Park, Staff Writer March 5, 2018

 With February over, we have 3 weeks until our next break. This short time off is the perfect time to practice self care before AP tests in May.   During this time work from, school, clubs, volunteering, and part-time jobs  may seem overwhelming,...

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The Jonas Brothers Are The Best Boy Band of All Time

Jeff Grundy, News Editor January 18, 2018

  In an age of presidents tweeting nuclear threats and a lack of childlike wonder, we can find solace in a more simple time. A time where Justin Bieber was recording “Baby;” a time with the Jonas Brothers.     For the first time a Disney-backed...

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Comedian Louis C.K. Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Abril Antonini, Staff Writer November 16, 2017

    Mexican-American actor Louis C.K. has been accused by five women of sexual misconduct which was confirmed by the actor in a statement.  According to Melena Ryzik, Cara Buckley, and Jodi Kantor of the New York Times, comedy duo Dana...

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Andi Mack Features LGBT Character

Anoushka Gupta, Sports Editor November 14, 2017

    On October 27, Season Two of tween sitcom Andi Mack premiered, including Disney Channel’s first coming out storyline.   The series features Andi Mack (Peyton Elizabeth Lee) as she struggles with both daily middle-school drama and...

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Joji’s Musical Transition

Anna Kim, Co-Editor in Chief November 9, 2017

  George Miller, also known as Joji, recently came out with his new EP, In Tongues, on November 3. With a genre of R&B and soul music, his EP has achieved success, charting #2 on Apple Music Streaming and #8 on the iTunes Sales Chart.   Joji...

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Kevin Spacey Under Fire

Jeff Grundy, News Editor November 6, 2017

    Recently, notable actor Kevin Spacey has come under fire for alleged inappropriate actions he committed back in 1986. He is said to have picked up actor Anthony Rapp, who was fourteen at the time, by putting him on his bed and making sexual...

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Not Your Average Camp

Jamie Park, Staff Writer November 6, 2017

    Tyler, the Creator’s annual Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival took place at Exposition Park in Los Angeles from October 28 through October 29. A variety of artists appeared on stage including Kehlani, 6lack, and Migos.   The carnival is hosted...

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The Epidemic Of Sexual Harassment

Haley Guinn, Co-Editor in Chief October 25, 2017

    In the light of the Harvey Weinstein scandal,  Finn Wolfhard − the 14-year-old Stranger Things and IT star − fired his agent Tyler Grasham due to claims of sexual abuse from actors who were formerly represented by Grasham and APA....

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Harvey Weinstein Revealed To Be Sexual Predator

Anoushka Gupta, Sports Editor October 24, 2017

    Acclaimed movie producer Harvey Weinstein has been revealed to be guilty of sexually abusing female staff members and actresses for years.   The news was revealed in an exposé article published by Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey of...

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