Joji’s Musical Transition

Anna Kim, Co-Editor in Chief

  George Miller, also known as Joji, recently came out with his new EP, In Tongues, on November 3. With a genre of R&B and soul music, his EP has achieved success, charting #2 on Apple Music Streaming and #8 on the iTunes Sales Chart.

  Joji started out as a YouTuber with his online persona, Filthy Frank. He has uploaded over 100 videos on his account, gaining him 5.3 million subscribers. His Youtube account has helped him promote his career as not only a YouTuber but also as a musician.

  With the launch of his new EP, Joji has become very serious in the music industry and less serious about his Youtube videos.   

  Heidi Collver (12), a fan of Joji’s music, said, “When I first noticed his Youtube uploads becoming less frequent, I felt as a fan abandoned in a way. I did not realize he was taking time to do music as Joji. Now that I really enjoy [his] music, I understand that there needs to be a balance in his schedule.”

  While this EP does not have any features, the music is able to show his artistic side. His first official single, “Will He,” topped charts in only a few days of its release.

  As a supporter of Joji’s music, Omar Rashad (12) explained,“ ‘Will He’ follows Joji’s staple melancholic theme and is about a message to a former lover. It is a really sad song and I would recommend it to any who recently broke up with someone.”

  As a musician, Joji believes it is important to communicate with his audience. He has allowed his album to capture the struggles of adolescents, such as relationships and sadness. His emotions are conveyed through the lyrics, sounds, and textures of the music.

  He explained, “As a naturally conflicted person, I get to show my turbulence and anger through hard hitting drums, and my melancholy through melody.”

While there is no news of a tour or concerts coming soon, Joji’s music is out on iTunes for purchase and on Spotify for streaming.