On My Block, In My Heart


Courtesy of Netflix

Haley Guinn, Co-Editor in Chief

  On March 16, Netflix released a new show, On My Block: a comedic, coming of age series about four best friends braving their first year of high school–and all the drama that can possibly come with it. While the story may sound generic, it sets itself apart by displaying the trials and tribulations of gang culture as it takes place a rough South Los Angeles neighborhood.

  The staple of the plot is the group of friends trying to help their friend Cesar (Diego Tinoco) by attempting to get him out of his older brother’s gang. But along with that are numerous subplots involving love triangles, a hunt for lost treasure, and a plethora of gang-related conflicts.

  Part of what makes this show so compelling is its unique story. This group of adolescent kids have grown up together in a rough neighborhood and are all well aware of many different realities of life. Rather than exploiting the go-to average teen drama, the creators of this show took a different, more cultural and real route.

  Along with the original storyline, the characters of the show are authentic. None of them are perfect. For example, Monse (Sierra Capri), who seems stubborn and highly opinionated, is actually softer than what she projects. She deals with unavoidable feelings for Cesar and inner sadness for her mother, who abandoned her at a young age.

   Another quirky and obsessive yet lovable character is Jamal (Brett Gray). He is notoriously known for his inability to keep secrets—which even drives him to the extent of faking injuries in order to hide his own mischief. And of course, they have Cesar: the handsome and brave, but also sensitive, glue of the group. There is not one perfect character as they are a group of misfits, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

  The casting is also extremely diverse; every single main character is a person of color. With that being said, it is awesome to see the television industry grow and reflect the growth of our country.

  The creators have yet to announce the release of a second season. Catch On My Block on Netflix.