In Distress? De-stress!

Jamie Park, Staff Writer

 With February over, we have 3 weeks until our next break. This short time off is the perfect time to practice self care before AP tests in May.

  During this time work from, school, clubs, volunteering, and part-time jobs  may seem overwhelming, even impossible. At times like this, the best thing to do over the weekend is de-stress!! There are many ways to de-stress, but, according to Huffpost, some of the methods include…

Going For A Walk

  A lot are on our minds especially when it comes down school: tests, quizzes, projects, or homework. When feeling overwhelmed, take a 10 minute break! Go for a walk around the block; clear your mind.

  Walking boosts endorphins, reducing stress hormones. Especially in a neighborhood or a park with greenery, you can enter a state of meditation (also known as involuntary attention).

Hanging With A Friend

  Do not turn your friends away because you have too much to do. Meeting with them can release stress that you built up from studying too much.

  Our body releases a hormone called cortisol when in stress. When cortisol levels are high, we are more susceptible to weight gain, lower immune system, poor memory, interference with learning, and high blood pressure. In a study with middle school students, psychologists concluded that hanging out with close friends reduce cortisol levels (this applies to adults as well!). So, get away from that paper and talk to your best friends!

Practicing Your Hobbies

  Take a day off to focus on your hobbies. Whether your hobby is to knit, draw, bake, or even play an instrument, it is better to take time off to do what you enjoy. Stressing about work tires out your body physically and mentally, so do what you enjoy. Do not  let school get in the way of pursuing what you love to do in your free time.

Watching Something Funny

  Laughter really is the best medicine for built-up stress that stems from school; laughing activates (and quickly deactivates) our stress response, giving us a period of relaxation.

Eat, eat, and eat!

  Treat yourself to a piece of candy or chocolate to stimulate your brain. Another thing you can do is to take a short time out to have a snack (chips, fruits, etc). Just make sure that what you are eating is not a full meal. You do not want to deal with food coma on top of the pile of work.

  Any one of these methods can help you de-stress before your next break; you can combine it or do it one at the time. Hang in there, and remember that Spring Break is in a couple weeks!