USA Rushes Russians

Jeremy Lim, Staff Writer

  On February 15, 2014, the US Olympic Hockey team defeated the Russians in a heated match for the Gold. With a close score of 3 to 2, Team USA showed the world that winning this title could be more of a reality than a dream.

  Russian hockey captain, Pavel Datsyuk, interviewed by ESPN commented, “The U.S. team is a good team and [was] a good test for us. We played [well], but the result [was] not good.” Both the Russians and the Americans put up a fight in the rink. Unfortunately for the Russians’, the Americans went home with a victory.

  Fox News reported “Captain Pavel Datsyuk scored in the shootout for the Russians, who rallied from a third-period deficit.” During a shootout period, each team selects three players who get a breakaway against the goalie. If they score, then their team gets a point. Whichever team has the most points after three shots wins. If they are tied, then it goes to sudden death. Each team selects one player, and whoever has more wins, gets to continue until a winner is determined.  Team U.S.A and Russia battled it out with overtime play. The Guardian described the game with “a highly charged atmosphere, in front of the watching Vladimir Putin, the USA narrowly overcame the hosts in a dramatic shootout that went to eight ends after they could not be separated in 65 minutes of normal time and overtime.” Interviewed by CNN, US Hockey Player, Timothy Oshie, exclaimed, “My hands are a little tingling, my feet are tingling. It was pretty nerve-racking out there.” The whole US Hockey team praised Oshie’s successful effort while playing the Russians. Some teammates stated that he was the hero of the game.

  The Americans received the title of the “Miracle on Ice”, after the 1980 Winter Olympics, versus Russia. Due to the recent loss, Russia now has their eye on the U.S. for the next Winter Olympics. For now, the US Olympic Hockey Team can now hold their title for the next four years.