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The highly coveted Oscar trophies illuminate on the display ahead of the 96th Academy Awards. This year, late-night comedian Jimmy Kimmel reprised his role as host.
The 2024 Oscars: A Bold Year for Film
Anthony Parker, Entertainment & News Editor • March 28, 2024
In a surprising move to many, West Capitaneus, the school yearbook publication, will be discontinuing the popular, longstanding tradition of senior quotes. Citing logistical concerns, the West High administration has maintained this restriction, prompting petition by nearly a quarter of the student body.
Say Goodbye to Senior Quotes
Cyrilla Zhang, Editor-in-Chief • March 21, 2024
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West High Warriors Face Off Against the Torrance Tartars at the 2023 Homecoming Football Game

On Friday, Oct. 20, 2023, the West High Warriors prepare to compete in their Homecoming game against the Torrance High Tartars. Despite a 13–30 loss, the football team received unwavering support from the student section and entertainment units. Photo courtesy of Christine Huston.

   On Friday, Oct. 20, the West High Warriors had their annual Homecoming football game against the Torrance High Tartars. Several starters couldn’t compete for West due to injuries, hindering their chances of victory. Nonetheless, students in the “Warrzone” cheer section still enjoyed the “Minions” theme of the night, as well as the coronation of Homecoming King Micah Taw (12) and Queen Yumiko Kasai (12).

   Though it was disappointing to lose, the game was still an enjoyable night for players and spectators alike. A sea of yellow shirts and banana outfits filled the Warrzone in support of the team. Avid school spirit partaker Michael Persh (11) commented how he enjoyed participating in cheering on the football team: “It’s fun. It’s simple and something everyone can enjoy when you hang out with your friends at the football game.” Persh felt that it didn’t matter whether the team was winning or losing, as hyping up the crowd “makes for an overall better experience for everyone.”

   A sluggish starting half of the match ended with a 0–14 lead by Torrance. However, after halftime, the Warriors started to push for a comeback. Shortly after a crucial defensive fumble recovery by West late in the third quarter, the Warriors scored their first touchdown. Then, early on in the fourth quarter, West scored its second touchdown to bring the score to a tense 13–14 lead by Torrance. 

   Despite the Warriors’s sudden comeback, the Tartars began to stretch the point gap with a field goal and two more touchdowns, reaching a final score of 13–30 by the end of the night.

   With many of their starters out of commission, younger players were required to compete in their stead. Varsity Head Coach Butler explained how many underclassmen were tasked with “stepping up to new roles” on the field that they wouldn’t have taken on otherwise. However, Coach Butler clarified that despite “all the adversity [the team had] faced this season, [the team] played really, really well.” Varsity Cornerback and Wide Receiver Martin Rodriguez (11) echoed his coach’s thoughts: “I’m really proud to see our lowerclassmen like our sophomores coming up and making big plays at big times.”

   Rodriguez also described the mentality of the West High football team: “When things don’t go your way and there ain’t nothing you can do about it, all you do is move on and keep going.” As the football team practices six days a week, spends hours studying game film, and does everything they can to improve their game, it’s tough when big matches are lost. Coach Butler encouraged his players to stay focused by “[trying] to walk in on one play at a time, one day at a time.” For the team, all that mattered was the performance of the night regardless of winning or losing. Coach Butler firmly emphasized how “that mentality never changes, no matter the outcome of the game.”

   As the fall football season comes to a close, few games are left to be played. “You either give up or you continue to get better, and I’m not a fan of giving up so I just continue to work. There’s always the next game,” stated Varsity Defensive End and Tight End Jordan Ryono (11).

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Joshua Lee is a staff writer for West Signals and a junior at West High School. It’s his first year writing for Signals and he is excited to participate and learn about the process of journalism. Some of Josh’s hobbies include reading, exercising, playing guitar, and spending time with his friends and family.