2014 Rose Bowl: Michigan State Defeats Stanford

Sarah Honeycutt, Staff Writer

   On Wednesday, January 1st, around 100,000 people gathered in Pasadena, California to watch the 100th Rose Bowl game. Marisa Johnson (11) commented that the Rose Bowl is “fun family bonding time and is something your family can carry on through the years.”  The Michigan State Spartans defeated the Stanford Cardinals with a final score of 24-20. Michigan fans dominated the stands. According to ESPN, of the 100,000 fans who attended the game, 70% of them were Spartan fans. With Michigan State being ranked No. 4 and Stanford being ranked No. 5 in the country, the game was anticipated to be a close one. While both teams played a solid game, Michigan State’s top-rated defense came out on top.

  In the first quarter of the game, the Spartans were down 10-0. By halftime, Stanford maintained a lead of 17-14. Michigan State gained 3 points on the board in the third quarter. By the time the fourth and final quarter approached, Michigan State had passed Stanford in the score. The final score was 24-20 in the fourth quarter with the Spartans in the lead.

  “I thought it was an intense game; it came down to the last minute,” said Julian Gomez (11). “I thought Stanford came out great right out of the gate with a touchdown, but after that it was obvious that Michigan State was the better team,” said Matthew Doty (11).

   Conner Cook, the quarterback for Michigan State said, ”When we got down, guys were always helping each other. We’re such a balanced team.” The 2014 Rose Bowl game came down to the last few minutes. Both teams played a tough game, but in the end the Spartans held their slight lead and finished the game with a victory.