Girls Basketball Loses Energy Against Redondo

Grant Torre, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, January 18th the Girls Varsity Basketball Team played an away game against the competitive Redondo Seahawks in a close match. Throughout the game, West stayed strong and never fell too far behind. The team went into the game with high hopes and a positive attitude. Erin O’Malley (12) comments, “Our energy during the game was better than usual. It was really surprising because we just got a new team so we are still getting used to each other.”

   With their energy, they bolted out of the gate strong and never fell more than a few points behind. O’Malley adds, “This game was  different because we never lagged behind and lost hope. It was always very close, and that kept then energy and spirit high.” They ended the second quarter losing by one point with a score of 26-27.

   After half-time, the team seemed to get tired and lost the momentum they ended the first half with. Kaitlyn Kung (12) explains, “We really panicked in the fourth quarter and slowed down.” After West momentarily gained a lead of one point, Redondo pulled farther ahead to

eventually win 60-49. Kung further notes, “Even though we started strong, we got tired and struggled in the end.”

   The team recently underwent a change in their lineup, which put added stress as players needed to grow accustomed to the change. Lindsay Kusumoto (12) mentions, “In order to do better in our future games we need to run both offensive and defensive plays and be able to perform them effectively in games. Also, we need to focus more during practices.”

   The next game for the Girls Varsity Basketball Team is a home match against Leuzinger on Friday, January 21st. Make sure to stop by and watch the Warriors at 6:00 PM in the gym to see if they can pull off a victory.