West Falls to Palos Verdes

Hamzah Sami, Staff Writer

   On October 29th, the Warriors’ varsity football team played an away game against Bay League competitor Palos Verdes. The game began at 3:00 p.m. instead of the usual 7:00 p.m. starting time. When asked about the change in time, fullback Jackson Roope (11) stated, “it did not feel weird to play at 3:00 because that [was the time that] Freshmen and JV [played] games. [However] the 7 o’clock games are more intense with the larger crowds” Nevertheless, the Warriors began the game with an early deficit of 28-7 in the first half. However in the second half, both teams struggled to score against the opposing defenses and at the end of the game, there was no change in the score. The Warriors suffered yet another loss to their season record.

   Even though West High was defeated by three touchdowns, defensive end Mat Boesen (10) thought that the team performed well in the second half. “Coach got us pumped at halftime and we came out with high intensity.” He also commented about the team’s problems this season and stated, “It has been a rough year [for the team]. Our record is 1-7, which [is] pretty bad, [mainly because] we struggle to score.”

   Wide Receiver Kwyn Boggs (12) also shared similar thoughts about the game, believing that the team made several “mistakes such as not filling up holes and not reading keys in the secondary.” However, he noted that the team’s offensive line “opened up holes for Barry Thomas (10) and Ricky Sato (12). They also [allowed] quarterback Austin Watters (12) time to throw.”

   As the team prepares for their Homecoming game against Peninsula, they realize that their chances of making the playoffs diminish with each loss. Despite this, Boggs believes that if the Warriors play “smart and intense football [and] play for pride,” the team will do well and enjoy a good weekend. Finally, Boesen offered words of confidence when he stated, “that the team is ready to take it to [Peninsula].” With renewed motivation, the Warriors hope to make this year’s Homecoming game a memorable one for the season.