Warriors Suffer Tough Loss

Hamzah Sami, Staff Writer

   The West High varsity football team cannot seem to break free of its offensive woes. While its defense has been superb this season, the offense struggles to score against opposing teams. The Warriors have lost several games as a result of these mistakes and unfortunately this was the case when it played the Redondo Seahawks on October 22nd. Unlike their previous loss to Mira Costa, West High was aggressive defensively and seemingly stopped the opponents’ offense at will. However in the end, the Seahawks pulled out a difficult victory 7-0.
   Cornerback Chris Wardour (11) thought that “The team had no momentum and was not in any position to score throughout the game.” Later on, he also talked about how the referee may have made the wrong call on a play involving players Joey Notch (10) and Josh Giradini (12). “When Joey threw the ball to Josh, the ball hit behind the line of scrimmage before going to him. In that case, it is ruled a fumble, but the referee signaled an incompletion.” The play occurred in the second quarter and ultimately decided the outcome of the game. Linebacker Nick Corse (11) also agreed with Wardour stating “Had it been called correctly, we would have scored a touchdown or even had decent position.”
   Now that West High has only three games left in the season, their chances of winning the Bay League appear mathematically impossible. Despite this fact, Corse remains confident that the team will meet expectations. “There is a chance for us to make the playoffs and even though it will be tough, we will [try to] take out every opponents that we play and win.”
   With strong determination, the Warriors look ahead to October 29th when they play the Palos Verdes Sea Kings. To beat them, Wardour explained, “We need to have the same intensity that we have had for the whole season. ‘Expect to win’ is something that Coach Holt always says to us whenever we step out onto the field.” With time running out, the Warriors’ hopes for the playoffs will depend in these last few games.