Softball Star Megan Yapelli

Esther Kim, Staff Writer

As the year comes to an end, so does West High’s softball season. Curretn outfielder Megan Yapelli (11) has played the sport since she was eleven years old. For six years, Yapelli has considered playing softball in college. This year, Yapelli’s most memorable game was “when we beat Costa on April 30th.” She describes herself as a “happy, cheerful, and optimistic” athlete who not only partook in softball, but soccer as well during the winter season.

Yapelli has had several injuries throughout the season; yet despite these setbacks, she has persevered as a strong athlete. Her enthusiasm for the sport has kept her motivated through all the struggles. “It’s a lot of fun and we’ve gotten a lot better over the years,” Yapelli stated. As the team prepares for next season, Yapelli confidently feels “we’ll have a stronger team next year.” Yapelli concluding advice is to “enjoy the time while you are here.”