Varsity Baseball Winds Down

Jennifer Welch

West High’s varsity baseball season has finally drawn to a close. According to Johnny Palmer (11), the season ended because the players “didn’t have enough focus; not enough aggressiveness.” Yet, this year still holds many memories for all involved with the team. Daniel Timmerman (11) decided that, “Beating PV with a huge comeback was the best.” However, this win was not quite enough to change the outcome of the season.
West began the first of the last three games by playing well. A 7-4 win against Leuzinger gave the team a chance to extend its season. However, the next game against Peninsula was a 9-2 loss. Timmerman explained that, “[Leuzinger] just wanted it more.” The last game completed the end of the season with a 9-4 loss to Torrance. Yet even in this game, the Warriors knew that their season was almost over. Timmerman stated that the team “played okay. We brought up a couple guys for experience. We didn’t really hit. The team didn’t really take it seriously as our season was pretty much over. It was more like a scrimmage game.” But even with the 2010 season over, the team is beginning to look forward to the next, where, as Palmer predicted, “We hope to do better than this year.” This team should be proud of all its work and efforts, and the school wishes it all the best as they prepare for the next season.