Sophomore Stars of Tennis

Ariel Kimmok

Starting an undefeated 4-0 record with wins over Culver City, Bishop Montgomery, El Segundo, and Long Beach Cabrillo through the dates of March 2nd to 4th, the Varsity Tennis team is on full charged steam to begin the season. Although it is the pre-season, West High’s early success signals a season to start the decade, and this is all due to extraordinary sophomore Varsity talents: Andras Cruz-Aedo (10), Sean Chotikasatien (10), and Lawrence Lin (10).
Aedo (10), West High’s #1 singles player, had a very successful week as he went undefeated 12 matches against the four schools. When asked about what he felt to be his best game, Aedo replied, “I think I performed my best in my match today, against the Long Beach’s Tennis Team #1 Varsity Singles Captain. It was a tough match. The outcome was 6-1, me.” Not only is he undefeated this year, he has racked up an amazing 66-6 record over his high school career. As one of the most outstanding individuals, Andras works towards his goal to “…help the team stay focused and lead the team to CIF Championships.” With exceptional talent, this task will be easily accomplished for the young tennis star.
Another outstanding player on the team is Sean Chotikasatien (10). Although he does not have a fortified record as his peer Andras does, he has amazing potential as Coach Swanson believes him to be “the breakout player that West High always needed for several years.” Chotikasatien responded to his coach’s expectations with, “I guess I feel that I need to perform at my best every match, but I’m ready for it.” Surely he will not disappoint his coach.
Even when talent fails, hard work succeeds as proven by Varsity reserve Lawrence Lin (10). As a Junior Varsity member last year, Lin spent countless hours training and practicing into making his way into the upper echelons of the team. Whenever he has what he calls a “disappointing loss (6-3 in his victory),” he disciplines himself with 200-400 grueling, yet satisfying pushups. Lin too has high hopes for the team as he stated, “I think this year’s team has a lot of potential. If we work our hardest, I think we’ll be successful for this season.” From a man who has hard work flowing through his vein in the definition of 400 daily pushups, and a team of promising talent, success is merely a step away.
Surely with a hand full of young yet experienced and rare talent, Head Coach Swanson and his team are in for one great year.