Golf Team Confident to Win Next Time

Ephraim Lu

The West High golf team met its match on September 22 and September 24 when it competed with Peninsula High School. Tuesday, the team lost with a scores of 190 to 287; on Thursday, it lost again with 242 to 199 (In golf, a lower score is better than a higher score.)

Maki Murai (12) reveals that her team “didn’t do as well as it wanted to have, even though it practiced for an adequate amount of time.” “However,” she says, “Peninsula is probably one of the best in the league.” Murai has confidence in her team, and believes that “other places are not as good as Peninsula, so West may have a chance.”

This year’s team consists of three seniors, one junior, two sophomores, and one freshman. Though many valuable golf players graduated this past year, Murai believes the freshman player can help bring the team victory. Already, the West High golf team is anticipating the upcoming match against South High’s team, and they’re hyped up.