Havana Oh-Na-Na


From left to right, top row: Lucas Matthews, Baron Gaunt, Brandon Kircher, Cynthia Ge, Eric Berg, Darianne Meredith, Erich Dunkel, Gabriella Sachez, Jordan Yee, Jamie Tomita, Kobe Vu, Nolan Gallagher, Andrew Kang, Uzair Pasta From left to right, bottom row: Ashley Cho, Ariella Hecker, Jordy Morimoto, Matthew Ritchey, Kayla Mullin, Kalai Kiaaina, Jayme Ota, Madi Murata, Kaitlin Esperon, Mia Hasenmayer, Jaden Zabala, and Savannah Starr

Amanda Peck

What do competition, Wii games, Camilla Cabello, star-shaped balloons, and October 19th all have in common? West High’s 2019-20 Homecoming dance! This year’s Homecoming theme and Top Fifteen nominees were revealed this past Friday.

The theme chosen by ASB was “Havana Nights.” ASB Senior President, Uzair Pasta (12), detailed the way the theme was selected. “Over the summer, ASB posted surveys asking for suggestions [about] the way students wanted homecoming to be. We [came] up with a lay out of those themes and as a student body, we chose ‘Havana Nights.’” As Pasta exclaimed, it was a student effort. Hopefully the students also pick more songs for the playlist than just “Havana” by Camilla Cabello.

At the dance, there are going to be many anticipated activities, according to Uzair Pasta. “If you don’t feel like dancing, you’ll have a variety of things to do.” Among the activities there will be Wii games, refreshments, and a secret surprise activity. 

While on the subject of surprises, the Top Fifteen reveal seemed to shock many of those who were selected. Nominee, Darianne Meredith (12), expressed her joy of being selected: “I am happy but also surprised to have been nominated. I think we were all nominated for a reason… It doesn’t matter if I win or lose; I’m just happy to have been nominated.” She also exclaimed a common thought: “I was expecting more couples to be nominated.” 

The way the court was nominated was as follows: 1) personal student votes; 2) faculty and staff look over the list of the one hundred students and chose them based on their contributions to the West High community. That is how the thirty nominees —  fifteen girls and fifteen guys — were chosen for the Top Fifteen. The star-shaped balloons aren’t just for decoration, but to indicate the truly shining stars of West High School.

While not everyone can be nominated, there is no limit on who can enjoy it. For this year’s Homecoming, students have high expectations, like David Sun (12), who stated “I’m looking forward to dancing to good music with good friends.” When asked for his opinion on the nominations Sun said, “The Top Fifteen doesn’t really have any real purpose, but it makes it a bit more interesting.” 

Overall, it is shaping up to be a great night filled with fun, excitement and surprises. The dance will be located in the Pavilion  to have a real stage for the Homecoming court. Games, activities, bag check, and refreshments will be held in Cafe Five. Buy your tickets soon! The starting price of tickets will be fifteen dollars with ASB. Have fun in Havana!