How We Remember Our Seniors

Good enough indeed, Ethan Elliot.

Good enough indeed, Ethan Elliot.

Ethan Verderber, Writer

   It’s still the start of the year, but it seems that many of our seniors are already preparing for the end. You might be laughing, but that’s exactly what’s going on in room 5108. Senior Quotes are due November 22nd and many have been wondering what they would like to use to represent their final high school thoughts. 

   The quote that immortalizes you in the yearbook is something that means different things to everyone. Some see it as an opportunity for wise words. Others don’t quite understand why they would do it, and some find a way to ascend beyond the threshold of local fame, and go viral with the quote of the century.

   One such glory chaser is Harrison Kwon (12) who hopes to set himself apart from all the other lines of eighty characters. “In what way can I be unique” he said, when asked what he looks for in his own senior quote. A unique charm to your personal blurb, or as Harrison puts it, “large meme-able energy” can put you on the map of meme culture, and get you noticed. So, if you’re looking for something fun, fresh, and funny, look for Harrison when you get your hands on the yearbook this summer. 

   Joseph Yanez (12) has a bit of a different look on this final tribute, seeing it as a kind of memorabilia. He puts it very well, saying “It’s actually a very nice tradition — something that’s been established and gives students a chance to show off a little bit of their personality in something that can be meaningful to them.” This unique definition perhaps gives some insight as to what we’ll see from Joseph’s quote. If you want something to remember, flip to whatever page “Yanez” ends up on. 

   Emily Hackett (12) will give you a bit more of an emotional approach to senior quotes. She likes the idea, but gives us a new, melancholic approach to these quotes. “Eighty characters doesn’t feel like enough to sum up high school,” and it probably isn’t. The four years most of us spend here are a roller coaster of different things, or just all the same thing at different intensities. Eighty characters makes summing that up a challenge for even the wisest and wittiest among us. 

   So, you’re invited to come out and have a go at making a good senior quote. Last year, roughly 106 students out of 495 seniors didn’t do it. Let’s get that number lower; 21% missing a quote makes for an empty page!